Discover Dubai’s biggest and most popular communities


Jebel Ali Palm by Nakheel

After a decade-long hiatus, the long-awaited Palm Jebel Ali development is at last being revived and brought back to life even bigger and better than first planned. This new Palm Jebel Ali has an area twice the size of Palm Jumeirah and is set to feature numerous hotels, resorts, offices, luxury villas, and. The entire island will consist of seventeen fronds a nearly four-mile-long trunk as well as a protective 12-mile crescent. Together these will bring with them an extensive 60-mile stretch of prime beaches.

Nakheel, the same state-owned developer behind Palm Jumeirah, is also the company behind Palm Jebel Ali.  With that said, multiple developers will contribute to creating various projects within it, providing potential buyers with a wide array of choices.

The revived Palm Jebel Ali is a truly special project and promises to be a remarkable addition to the city of Dubai.

The Oasis by Emaar Properties

The Oasis by Emaar is an eagerly awaited master community developed by Emaar Properties. The first such development by Dubai’s biggest real estate developer in over three years.

A fully integrated master community the Oasis will offer a diverse range of residential options, including townhouses and luxury villas, with a strong emphasis on design and functionality. As expected from an Emaar project the Oasis community will feature world-class facilities, including beautifully landscaped parks, fitness centres, dining options, and more.

Dubai Islands by Nakheel

Developed by the state-owned Nakheel, Dubai Islands is a highly anticipated and much-hyped mixed-use project in Dubai’s north. A truly expansive project Dubai Islands is spread across five separate islands: Central Island, Shore Island, Golf Island, Marina Island, and Elite Island.  Collectively the five islands extend over 17 square kilometres and provide an additional 50 km of pristine coastline.

Once developed each island will offer a distinct character and amenities, including innovative living experiences, cultural hubs, recreational beaches, and beach clubs. In addition, this project encompasses an impressive array of over 80 resorts, more than 30,000 luxury residences, vast parklands covering 2 sq km, and premium golf courses with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and Downtown Dubai

Rashid Yachts and Marina

A project by Emaar Properties, Rashid Yachts & Marina is poised to become a premier global destination for discerning yacht owners. A perfect destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Dubai’s vibrant scene within an elegant setting that seamlessly blends beauty and luxury.

The Rashid Yachts & Marina development is a testament to contemporary waterfront architecture at its finest. This seaside community harmoniously merges luxury residences with a full-service marina. Complemented by a captivating array of restaurants and shops this is a community that truly redefines the concept of “living by the sea.”

The new marina at Rashid Yachts & Marina offers effortless access to Dubai, featuring 430 wet berths designed to accommodate yachts up to 100 meters in length. For those not fortunate enough to have a Yacht the community’s impressive Promenade offers a variety of dining options and a selection of stylish shops that will accommodate your every need.

Ghaf Woods by Majid Al Futtaim

After the significant success of Tilal Al Ghaf, Majid Al Futtaim is proud to present its newest master community, Ghaf Woods.

Located next to Global Village, this environmentally-inspired community marks Dubai’s first venture into “forest living.” Emphasizing sustainability, Ghaf Woods offers a unique lifestyle amidst a forest ecosystem. The community is expected to support over 20 local bird species, have more trees than inhabitants, and achieve outdoor temperatures up to 5°C cooler than surrounding areas.

Upon its completion, Ghaf Woods is poised to become one of Dubai’s top 10 destinations.

Athlon by Aldar

A brand new residential community Athlon is being touted as Dubai’s first ‘Active Living Concept”. Located next to Arabian Ranches III this development has already been received with much anticipation.



Downtown DubaiDubai MarinaPalm Jumeirah
Business BayTilal Al GhafJumeirah Lake Towers
Jumeirah Village CircleJumeirah Beach ResidenceEmirates Living
Damac HIllsMeydanDubai Hills Estate
City WalkTown SquareArabian Ranches
Dubai SouthEmirates HillsThe Springs
Green CommunityJumeirah Village TriangleSports City
Discovery GardensMotor CityAl Barari
Jumeirah IslandsVictory HeightsThe Meadows

This table represents a comprehensive list of Dubai’s residential communities. Communities not accessible to non UAE nationals have been omitted.




Developed by Emaar Properties, Dubai Hills Estate is an upscale residential community located in Dubai’s east. The community features a diverse range of properties including mansions, luxury villas, townhouses, and apartments.

The centrepieces of this hugely popular community include the 18-hole championship golf course, as well as the newly completed Dubai Hills Mall. This meticulously planned and fully integrated development offers a sophisticated urban experience with vast green areas and family-friendly spaces.



Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC as it is more often referred to is a popular mixed-use residential community located in Dubai.

A master development by Nakheel, residential properties within the JVC community include a mix of apartments, townhouses, and villas with various bedroom options. Along with a vast range of residential options JVC also offers several luxury hotels and amenities such as schools, shopping centers, dining options, and more.

With a central location and a variety of housing choices, Jumeirah Village Circle is widely considered one of Dubai’s best-value communities for young families and professionals.



Easily Dubai’s most famous and unique community the Palm Jumeirah is one of the world’s biggest man and islands. Shaped like a palm tree the Palm Jumeirah is home to an array of luxury residences including villas, apartments, and townhouses.

Along with ultra-luxury real estate options, the palm is also home to the newly completed Nakheel Mall and a vast range of first-class resorts, and ultra-luxury hotels. Over the years Palm Jumeirah has become synonymous with luxury living and the preferred holiday destination for the world’s biggest sports stars and celebrities.

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A joint venture between Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, Dubai Creek Harbour is a large-scale mixed-use waterfront community in Ras al Khor – Dubai. Encompassing 6 square kilometers, its master plan comprises nine distinct districts, each with a specific purpose and theme.

In terms of residential properties Dubai Creek is home to an array of low to high-rise apartment buildings as well as a limited selection of podium-level townhouses. As of 2023 most of the development within this community has been limited to the “Island District” as well as Creek Beach.

Once completed Dubai Creek is set to become one of Dubai’s largest communities and biggest tourist attractions.

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Developed by Emaar Properties, The Valley is an impressive and luxurious development located on Dubai-Al Ain Road.

A master community that has all the attributes of a small town the Valley offers a wide range of lavish 3 – 5 bedroom villas and townhouses for sale. All developments within the community are developed by Emaar and come with their own unique style and theme.

Along with great residential options the project is equipped with a range of amenities including a beach area, numerous sports facilities, green parks, and more. At the centre of it all will be a dedicated retail center called The Pavilion where residents will find retail and convenience stores along with a vast range of restaurants and cafes. In addition, the Valley community will also be home to a 32,000 sq. m. Town Centre. This will feature an indoor and outdoor retail area, a farmers’ market, and numerous dining options.

New Projects at The Valley:


Situated at the heart of the city, Downtown Dubai is a city center known for its modern architecture, high-rise towers, luxury hotels, and most of all its iconic landmarks.

At the center of this impressive community is of course the Burj Khalifa. Widely regarded as Dubai’s biggest icon it comes with a height of 828 meters making it the tallest structure in the world. Far more than just a structure this architectural marvel is home to the Armani Hotel, corporate offices, and luxury residential apartments.

Neighbouring the Burj Khalifa, are another two iconic but rather different projects: the Dubai Fountains and The Dubai Mall.  Regarded as one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes the Dubai Mall is home to around 1,200 shops, restaurants, and diverse entertainment attractions. Together with the Burj Khalifa, these three iconic landmarks are world-famous and Dubai’s biggest tourist attractions.

The master developer of the Downtown Dubai community is none other than Emaar Properties. In true Emaar style, the district offers an array of luxury residences, including high-end apartments and penthouses with some of the very best views around.


Launched in early 2018, Emaar Beachfront is an upscale residential project located between 2 of Dubai’s most popular communities; Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

Developed by none other than Emaar Properties, Emaar Beachfront offers a seamless blend of luxurious beachfront living with all the conveniences of a central and urban location.

Inspired by South Beach Miami The development features a range of modern, high-rise apartment buildings offering luxurious apartments and a limited selection of podium-level townhouses. All residential options within the community are the product of Emaar properties and feature open-plan layouts and some of the very best views imaginable. Additionally, each project comes with a wide range of 5-star amenities along with private beach access.

New projects at Emaar Beachfront:


A relatively new community when compared to most on this list, Tilal Al Ghaf has quickly established itself as one of Dubai’s most popular. A  mixed-use, master community developed by Majid Al Futtaim, Tilal Al Ghaf brings together a new standard for integration and sophistication designed for family living.

The highlight of this truly impressive community is undoubtedly Lagoon Al Ghaf. A stunning addition, it boasts an impressive 70,000-square-meter swimming lagoon adorned with over 400 meters of beachfront and a sweeping 1.5-kilometer waterfront.

Spread over a  land area exceeding 300 hectares, the TAG project is projected to cost over 14 billion AED and be completed within the next 5 years. As of 2023, residential options within the Tilal al Ghaf community have included townhouses, villas, and ultra-luxury mansions. Whilst not yet announced there are rumours that a limited selection of low-rise apartment buildings may be released in the future.

In addition to luxury property, this expansive development will also host a wide-ranging selection of lifestyle and family-oriented amenities. These include kid-friendly neighbourhoods, 18 kilometres of scenic walking and cycling trails, and numerous green spaces. A prestigious school along with various retail, food, and beverage outlets will also form part of the community.


Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as JLT, is a prominent large-scale development situated directly opposite the well-known and established Dubai Marina and JBR communities.

This mixed-use community boasts an impressive skyline dominated by high-rise residential apartment buildings, commercial towers, and several prestigious 5-star hotels. The entire development is organized into 26 clusters, each comprising multiple towers that offer a wide array of retail, food, and beverage outlets on their ground and podium levels.

At the heart of the JLT community, are three expansive lakes and a lush green park, thoughtfully designed with family-friendly amenities. These striking lakes serve as focal points and are surrounded by scenic waterfront promenades filled with a huge variety of restaurants and cafes from all over the world.

New Projects in JLT:


Business Bay is a thriving residential and commercial district located in the heart of Dubai, Covering an area of approximately 64m square feet, it is one of the city’s biggest and most strategically designed developments.

A true mixed-use master community, Bussiness Bay offers a mix of commercial, residential, and retail spaces, making it a vibrant hub for both work and leisure. The area features an impressive skyline dominated by high-rise towers, many of which are home to multinational corporations and office spaces of various sizes.

On the residential side of things, Bussines Bay is also home to a wide range of modern and luxurious residential towers. These have been developed by various developers and come with first-class amenities and great views of Downtown Dubai and beyond.

The highlight of the Bussiness Bay community is without a doubt the Dubai Water Canal and its promenade. Offering picturesque views the promenade along the canal is a great spot for leisurely walks and waterside dining.

New Developments in Business Bay:


Known locally as the “Beverly Hills of Dubai,” Emirates Hills is among Dubai’s oldest and most esteemed villa communities. Embracing a championship golf course, this ultra-exclusive neighborhood is famed for housing some of the city’s most opulent villas and grand mansions.

Developed by Emaar Properties, this highly private community offers an abundance of lush landscapes, featuring numerous graceful parks along with tree-lined streets at every corner. The community benefits from convenient proximity to many of Dubai’s major attractions and communities, including Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, both reachable in less than 20 minutes.


Arjan is a fast up-and-coming community within Dubailand. It features a range of residential, commercial and retail developments by varying Dubai developers. As an emerging community, Arjan offers buyers ample choice to buy off plan and benefit from price appreciation expected as the area is developed.

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Whilst any list of the “best” of anything is highly subjective here is a list of what can widely be agreed as the top communities in Dubai:

  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Arabian Ranches

*Up-and-coming communities have been left out of this list.



As one would expect no two communities are created equal and for the same purpose. Dubai is home to a wide range of communities catering to different development types and serving different purposes. While some communities contain predominantly residential developments others offer both commercial and residential or in some cases only commercial developments. Here we explore the characteristics of the more popular community types found in Dubai.

Dubai Master Communities

Master communities can best be described as meticulously designed communities that offer a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. They are carefully planned and designed in such a way as to provide residents with almost everything they need within one single community. Some great examples of mixed-use communities include Dubai Hills Estate and Dubai Marina.

Residential Communities

Duabi’s residential communities are essentially neighbourhoods that primarily consist of residential properties. Property options available can and do vary but usually include anything from apartment towers to villas. Of course, along with residential properties these communities also offer community centres which usually consist of a supermarket, pharmacy, and a variety of food and beverage outlets. A good example of what would be considered a residential community in Dubai is an area such as Arabian Ranches and Emirates Hills.


Dubai Communities – FAQ’s

What is a freehold community?

A freehold community is one that’s been zoned as such. This means that all properties within a freehold community are 100% owned by the owner. This applies regardless of whether the owner is a UAE national or a foreigner.

What is Dubai’s best community?

Whilst there is no such thing as “Dubai’s best community” some communities are exceptionally popular and better than others. Some of  these include Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Downtown Dubai.

How many communities are there in Dubai?

There are over 200 communities in Dubai. Not all of these are considered “freehold” meaning that foreign ownership is not always possible.

What is Dubai’s most popular community?

Dubai’s most popular community is Dubai Marina. This is based on the number of monthly buy and rent searches on Dubai’s leading property portals. Considering its location, dynamic lifestyle, and nature of properties available it’s not hard to see why this community is a hit with residents and tourists alike.

What is Dubai’s cheapest community?

Dubai’s communities with the cheapest priced properties include International City and Discovery Gardens. Both offer properties at considerable discount to some of Dubai’s other more prominent areas.

Do all communities have off plan properties?

Off plan properties are available in all new and emerging communities. Communities that are already established tend to have far less such properties simply due to the fact that most of the land has already been developed.

Which areas are best for families?

Whilst most of Dubai’s areas are perfectly suitable for families some are better than others. The best communities have a big emphasis on green open spaces and amenities-packed parks for the whole family to enjoy. These communities also come with kid-friendly retail centers along with great educational facilities. Some of the communities that fall into this category include Dubai Hills, Arabian Ranches, and Emirates Living.

Which communities have beach access?

There are several communities that offer residents beach access. These include Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Emaar Beachfront, and of course the Palm Jumeirah.