With a multitude of high-rise apartment communities all over Dubai, it’s safe to say that this is one category of properties Dubai has in abundance. The same however cannot be said for off-plan townhouse communities. Whilst these do exist it is a segment of the market that is for whatever reason, well and truly undersupplied.

This is something that Dubai’s major developers have noticed in recent years and as of late have started to capitalize on. Off Plan Townhouse projects have by far been the most in-demand and highest-selling products in the last 2 years. With one recent townhouse project selling out in under 72 hours, the demand and desire for this type of property is extremely strong and shows no signs of slowing down.

When analyzed further the demand for Dubai townhouses is hardly surprising. Here we look at some of the reasons why:






  • Attractive Prices – Compared to standalone villas townhouses offer a huge amount of value without too much of a compromise. Yes, the plot and internal sizes are smaller but certainly still more than sufficient for most families.
  • Ongoing costs – The average service charges payable on an Off Plan Townhouse are around 3 AED per sq ft on the plot size. Considering the average plot size is around 2,000 st ft this means yearly service fees of just AED 4,000. Service fees for an equivalent size apartment would be around AED 30,000 making townhouses an extremely economical option.
  • Returns – Due to the lower service charge fees the returns on offer in most communities can be in excess of 7/8%.
  • You Get Land – Granted, townhouses do not come with huge gardens but what they do come with is certainly sufficient for most young families. A space to play, entertain, and just hang out in the cooler months.
  • Community Feels – When buying an off plan townhouse you are not just buying a property. You are also buying a community and a certain lifestyle. It’s a place where you are more likely to know your neighbors and form friends with like-minded people living in your neighborhood.
  • Security – Off Plan Townhouse developments at least in Dubai, tend to be located in gated communities with 24/7 controlled in and out access. This provides residents with a piece of mind and a great sense of overall security.



Most townhouse developments will come with a range of 3 and 4-bedroom options in varying styles and layouts. Although less common, some projects do also come with 2 and 5-bed options.

  • 3 Bedroom – 2,000 Sq Ft
  • 4 Bedroom – 2,300 Sq Ft

Whilst different developers do offer different sizes the above is what you can typically expect when it comes to most townhouse units. It’s also worth noting that in most cases the 3-bedroom options tend to be middle units whilst the 4-bedroom types are end or as they are often referred to “corner units”.



  • 3 Bedroom – 1,400,000 to 2,400,000
  • 4 Bedroom – 1,800,000 to 2,900,000

As you would expect different townhouse projects do come with different price points. These depend on many things but largely it comes down to the location and size. The above mentions prices however indicate the average price range you can expect to pay for a new 3 and a 4-bedroom townhouse.



Every off-plan project even the ones by the same developer comes with its own individual payment plans. The same is true for off plan townhouse projects where the payment plans can and do often vary. With that said however with an ever-increasing competitive market most projects now come with post handover payment plans. A post-handover payment plan is one where a % of the amount due is paid over a period after property handover.

A good example of a post-handover payment plan would be one being offered for Elan Townhouses at Tilal Al Ghaf. That particular payment plan looked something like this:

  • 10% Downpayment
  • 40% During construction
  • 5% On completion
  • 40% Paid Over 3 Years After Handover

Now of course this is just one example of a payment plan for one particular project. As mentioned these do vary from developer to developer and project to project.



The cheapest new townhoueses in Dubai can be found in Dubai’s outer and emerging communities. These include developments such as Dubai South, Damac Lagoons, Al Furjan and so forth. Please note that townhouses are a very popular product so most projects especially in the affordable segment tend to sell out at launch of very shortly after.

For this reason we encourage all interested buyers to register your details and be one of the first to learn about upcoming projects.



Listed here are all the upcoming townhouse projects that have been announced but not yet released.

If no information is provided it means that no unreleased projects currently exist. In this case, we encourage all interested buyers to register their interest in order to be notified as soon as any new project is announced.



*The communities listed here all feature or are set to feature various townhouse developments. Most of these will also feature other property types such as villas and potentially apartments.



Design: As to be expected from a property type built by any number of developers, Dubai’s townhouses come in a variety of architectural styles. These range from contemporary and modern designs to more traditional and Arabian-inspired aesthetics.

Layout: Townhouses in Dubai vary in size and offer varying options for individuals, young couples, and those seeking more spacious family homes. Typical layouts often include open plan living spaces, and the use of large window maximizing functionality and

Locations: More often than now Townhouse developments are situated within gated communities or master-planned developments. A perfect example of these would be popular communities such as the new Dubai Hills Estate or the more established Emirates Living. Such communities feature a wider range of shared amenities such as parks, swimming pools, and fitness facilities. These along with retail community centres and malls help foster a sense of real community living.

What Is a Townhouse in Dubai?

A Dubai townhouse is a multi-level property that shares one or both of its side walls with an adjacent property. Each townhouse type has its own front and back entry along with compact front and rear gardens.  A townhouse that shares only one wall with its neighbor is usually referred to as an end unit. A more common townhouse that shares both boundary walls with the adjacent properties is referred to as a middle unit.

The number of townhouses that form a group can and does vary. Some townhouse options come in a group of just two whilst others can be part of a group of 8 or more.

What are the typical service charges payable for a townhouse?

Service charges payable on a Townhouse are usually calculated by plot size. The typical rate is around 3 AED per sq ft and keeping in mind that most townhouses come with a land size of around 1,500 sq ft. This means the yearly service amount payable is around AED8,000. This is a huge plus and one of the main factors townhouses make great investments.

Where can I find the best new townhouses options in Dubai?

As expected the best opportunities to buy a brand new townhouse lay in new and emerging communities in Dubai’s outer areas. Some examples of this would be The Valley by Eamar as well as the newly announced Oasis by Emaar. Both of these communities feature both townhouse and villa options.

What is the best townhouse community in Dubai?

Some of the more popular townhouse communities in Dubai include Dubai Hills Estate by Emaar and Damac Hills by Damac.

What Dubai townhouses for sale come with a payment plan?

All townhouses for sale in Dubai come with a payment plan. That is assuming they are being sold as off-plan. If being purchased on the secondary market, no payment plan is applicable.

What are the best townhouses in Dubai?

The best townhouses in Dubai are the ones that best serve their purpose. The word “best” is very subjective as its all relevant to the purpose. Certain townhouses make better homes to live in whilst others make better investments.

For more information on this submit an enquiry and one of our consultants will be happy to provide further info and possible options.