Dubai has always been known for being home to some of the world’s most luxury apartments and villas. Whilst that’s still the case today, the explosion of Emaar townhouses and townhouses by other developers as well is fast changing that narrative. The introduction of townhouse communities has revitalized the Dubai market and provided residents with a whole new meaning to community living.

With large-scale communities all over Dubai, Emaar properties is the city’s biggest developer of townhouse projects. Some of the current developing communities featuring a wide range of townhouse options include Arabian Ranches III, Dubai South and The Valley. To see the full list of all townhouse projects by all developers check out our Off Plan Townhouses page.

Townhouse options today are far cry from what was being built just a few years back. Today’s options come with modern styling and contemporary designs. Interior layouts have open plans and come with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring plenty of natural light.

Additionally, townhouse communities are now fully integrated and have all the amenities and facilities a family could ever want or need. Sporting grounds, large parks, pools, and community centers are all standard in each Emaar community.





What is a townhouse by Emaar Properties?

A townhouse by Emaar refers to a multi-level property that shares one or two boundary walls with adjacent property or properties. A townhouse that shares a wall with other townhouses on both sides is referred to as a “middle unit”. A townhouse that shares just one boundary wall with another townhouse is referred to as an “end unit”.


*Please note, this list includes master communities which contain townhouse projects. Other property types may and usually can also be found within the communities mentioned.

  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai South
  • The Oasis by Emaar


  • Nima The Valley
  • Elora The Valley



  • Price – Compared to standalone villas townhouses offer a huge amount of value without too much of a compromise. Yes, the plot and internal size is smaller but certainly still more than sufficient for most families.
  • Ongoing costs – The average service charges payable on an Emaar Townhouse are around 2 AED per sq ft on the plot size. Considering the average plot size is around 2,000 st ft this means yearly service fees of just AED 4,000. Service fees for an equivalent size apartment would be around AED 30,000 making townhouses an extremely economical option.
  • Returns – Due to the lower service charge fees the returns on offer in most communities can be in excess of 7/8%.
  • Community Extras – Whilst Emaar Properties is great at building properties one thing it does even better is build communities. This is especially evident in villa and townhouse communities which feature beautifully manicured tree-lined streets, superb recreational areas, swimming pools, and parks. Emaar communities also always feature town centers filled with convenience stores and a range of food and beverage outlets. This all creates a true community feel that not many residents ever wanna leave.


Each of the below listed townhouse projects comes with its own unique payment plan. Furthermore, the payment plan often changes between different phases of the same community. With that said, payment plans are also subject to change and will often be correlated with market conditions. This means that in boom times payment plans tend to be more aggressive with the majority of the repayments due during the construction period. On the other hand during the slower times, townhouse developers tend to be a bit more flexible and will even offer post-handover payment plans.



The average price of an Emaar townhouse will depend on a number of factors and those being predominantly the location and size. New up-and-coming communities such as The Valley and Dubai South tend to offer the lowest price options where as more mature and centrally located communities such as DHS tend to demand a higher price. The average prices look something like this however do vary from project to project:

3 Bedroom Townhouse
From AED 1,450,000
4 Bedroom Townhouse
From AED 1,900,000
5 Bedroom TownhouseFrom AED 2,700,000



Average sizes for townhouse properties do vary depending on the number of bedrooms. Three-bedroom options tend to average at around 1,900 sq ft whilst five-bedroom options can be as large as 4,500 sq ft.



Listed here are townhouse projects which have been announced or at least mentioned but not yet released to the market. If no projects are listed it means that there is currently insufficient information about any particular upcoming project.


 The Valley

Project Name:Eden - The Valley
Property Type:Townhouse
Number of Bedrooms:3 and 4 Bedroom Options
Price:From AED 1.15 million
Size:1,988 to 2,311 sq. ft.
Completion Date:December 2022 Onwards

Arabian Ranches III

Project Name:Arabian Ranches III
Property Type:Townhouse
Number of Bedrooms:3 and 4 Bedroom Options
Price:From AED 1.24 million
Size:1,937 to 2,445 sq. ft.
Completion Date:April 2022 Onwards

Emaar South

Project Name:Expo Golf Villas
Property Type:Townhouse
Number of Bedrooms:3 and 4 Bedroom Options
Price:From AED 1 million
Size:1,845 to 2,485 sq. ft.
Completion Date:August 2021 Onwards


Project NameMaple
Property TypeTownhouses
Number of Bedrooms3, 4 and 5 Bedroom Options
PriceFrom AED 1,700,000
Size2,000 to 3,500 sq ft
Completion DatePhase One Now Complete
Phase Two in March 2020
Phase Three in June 2020

Emaar Townhouses – FAQ’s

Are Emaar Townhouses good quality?

The short answer to this question is a strong yes. Emaar Properties is one of Dubai’s most reputable developers and that reputation wasn’t earned overnight. Emaar townhouse and Emaar products in general are not only extremely well built in terms of structure but also offer above standard quality finishing.

Do all Emaar Townhouses come with a maids room?

All new and recently built townhouses by Emaar Properties included a maid’s room. Additionally, maids’ rooms of today are substantially bigger and better equipped than what was the norm only 5 or so years ago.

What is the difference between an Emaar Townhouse and a Villa?

The single biggest difference between a townhouse and a villa is the actual structure itself. Put simply a villa is a standalone property that shares no walls with any other property. A townhouse on the other hand is connected or joined to another property via a shared wall on one or both sides.

A townhouse that shares only one wall with another townhouse is often referred to as an end unit whilst a townhouse that is connected from both sides is referred to as a middle unit.

Due to this design, most townhouses tend to have only front and back gardens with the exception of end units which also have a garden space on one side.

One other notable difference between villas and townhouses is the price. As expected villas tend to be substantially larger in size and therefore attract a higher asking price. Along with simply land size, villas can and sometimes do come with  6 and 7+ bedrooms. Townhouses on the other hand generally range from 2 and 5 bedrooms.

What is a townhouse by Emaar?

A townhouse is a multi-level property that shares one or two walls with adjacent properties. Each townhoues its own entrance and along with a  a small front and rear yard.

How much is a new townhouse by Emaar Properties?

New Emaar townhouses start at around 1.9m AED. This of course is subject to change and will and does vary on the project location.

Who makes the best townhouses in Dubai?

There are many real estate companies that developer townhouse projects in various locations. The one thing that truly sets Emaar townhouses apart is the quality of the communities they are located in. Whilst many developers can develop great projects there is simply nobody that does as good of a job as Emaar when it comes to developing communities.