Palm Jebel Ali

After over a decade on hold the highly anticipated Palm Jebel Ali development has finally been brought back to life.

In what can only be described as a massive expansion of the original concept, the revised Palm Jebel Ali is set to be even grander and more impressive than originally planned. Once completed the project features numerous hotels, resorts, offices, luxury villas, and approximately 60 miles of beaches.

Boasting an area twice the size of Palm Jumeirah the new Palm will consist of seventeen fronds and a nearly four-mile-long trunk. Protecting the trunks from strong waves will be a 12-mile crescent which itself will be home to an array of hotels and luxury developments.

The master developer behind Palm Jebel Ali will be Nakheel. A state-owned developer it is also of course the master developer behind the ever-so-popular Palm Jumeirah. As is the case with the original Palm numerous developers will be involved in developing projects on the new Palm Jebel Ali meaning potential buyers are bound to be spoilt for choice.


Community:Palm Jebel Ali
Property Types:Apartments, Townhouses and Villas
Size of Development10+ sq km
Bedroom Options:TBA
Starting Price:TBA



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  • The entire project will be made up of seven connected islands
  • The man-made island will span 13.4 sq km making it twice the size of Palm Jumeirah.
  • Once completed the entire development will add 110km of coastline to Dubai.
  • Over 80 hotels and resorts will feature within the community
  • Once fully completed this Palm will be home to over 35,000 families
  • The project will have a green focus with 30 percent of all public facilities  powered by renewable energy



  • The Coral Collection
  • The Beach Collection



Palm Jebel Ali location offers excellent connectivity via Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) to many of Dubai’s other destinations as well as the country’s capital Abu Dhabi.

Location Highlights

  • 20 minutes from Dubai Marina
  • 24 minutes from Palm Jumeirah
  • 45 minutes from Dubai Mall
  • 23 minutes from Dubai South
  • 24 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport
Palm Jebel Ali Location Map


Looking at the actual island itself one major difference between the original Palm Jumeirah and this will be the much-improved access. The Jebel Ali Palm will have road bridges at both ends of the crescent connecting it to the mainland and significantly improving access. This with a well-planned road network within the actual island will ensure that getting in and around the island will be a seamless experience.


The Beach Collection

The Beach Collection showcases a range of premium residences, offering five-bedroom villas like Provence, Indigo Ocean, Azure Blue, and Mediterranean, along with six-bedroom options like Blue Horizon, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Tropical Mist. These spacious villas span between 7,300 sq. ft and 8,400 sq. ft.

The Coral Collection

The Coral Collection, on the other hand, introduces ultra-luxurious seven-bedroom residences, including Hibiscus, Coral Living, Red Aurora, Porcelain Roses, Cranberry Sky, Terracotta, Redwood, and Ruby Sunset. With expansive living areas ranging from 11,222 sq. ft to 12,165 sq. ft, these villas redefine opulence.

Each collection boasts large family rooms, staff quarters, a lift, balconies, a roof terrace, and a 2–4 car garage. Some villas also feature a dedicated study room. Additionally, the villas come with private pools and exclusive access to the white sandy beach located right at their doorstep.

For those seeking a personalized touch, The Premium Plot Collection allows the purchase of land plots. This option offers buyers the unique opportunity to design and build their own customized villa.



Each of the seventeen distinct fronds establishes its own meticulously planned private neighborhood. Residents will get the opportunity to Explore charming, tree-lined streets with beautifully landscaped pathways.

The frond neighborhood prioritizes an active, family-friendly way of life. It features broad, pedestrian-friendly streets allowing pedestrians and bikers to easily access the beach located on either side of each frond.

The streetscape of each frond boasts a richly lush and aromatic environment from the moment you drive in. Offering ample shade via designated tree-lined paths and an extra layer of greenery every frond lets you know you are somewhere just a little more special.



  • Hotel Apartments
  • Residential Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Mansions
  • Plots

Similarly to the renowned Palm Jumeirah, the Jebel Ali Palm community is slated to offer an extensive array of luxury residential real estate options. Envisioned to encompass an assortment ranging from apartments to opulent mansions, it will also present a select few plots for prospective homeowners.

As has been the case with the original Palm, the release of properties within Jebel Ali Palm will occur in distinct phases. Whilst the master developer is Nakheel, development on the island will involve multiple developers, each taking charge of various projects. This approach ensures a diverse range of developments and properties offering residents an array of options to suit their preferences. This diverse development landscape, managed by multiple entities will go a long way in ensuring a vibrant and varied landscape within the Jebel Ali Palm community.



Undoubtedly, the Palm Jebel Ali project promises exclusivity and luxury at every step. The project is set to offer an array of property types, from apartments to townhouses, villas, and even ultra-luxury mansions.  Though specific prices are currently undisclosed, the project’s expansive scope hints at the potential for a mix of options with a blend of mid-range to high-end pricing options.



With its prime positioning and proven concept, Palm Jebel Ali by Nakheel is a mega project that represents vast investment opportunities. This record-setting development presents investors with a rare opportunity to invest while the project is in its infancy. Those who do so are set to benefit greatly from the surge in property values that are set to occur as the project evolves and develops.

Due to its sheer size and diversity of properties available, the investment opportunities to come will be accessible to most investors making this a great opportunity for everyone.



The developer of this highly anticipated project is of course Nakheel. First founded in 2001, Nakheel is one of the city’s biggest and most renowned real estate developers. The company covers a wide spectrum of projects, encompassing residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. Some of its more notable projects include the world-famous Palm Jumeirah as well as family-friendly communities such as Jumeirah Park and Jumeirah Village Circle.

As previously mentioned, Nakheel takes the lead as the master developer of Jebel Ali Palm Island. However, the island is set to host an array of projects which will be developed by various real estate developers. This healthy competition is likely to drive an enhancement in both quality and variety, benefitting potential buyers and future residents. The involvement of multiple developers will create a diverse landscape, providing an extensive range of options within the Jebel Ali Palm community. This collaboration will ultimately enrich the community, ensuring a wide array of choices that cater to a wide range of preferences.


What is Palm Jebel Ali?

Palm Jebel Ali is a new master developer by Nakeheel. A man-made island in the shape of a Palm Tree is a newer and bigger version of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah.

Is Palm Jebel Ali Completed?

The Palm Jebel Ali is a brand new project. Full project completion is not expected until mid-2030’s.

What properties are available?

Property types expected to be available on the Palm Jebeli Ali will include apartments, townhouses, villas as well as luxury mansions.

Is Palm Jebel Ali bigger than Palm Jumeirah?

Yes. Palm Jebel Ali will span over 13 sq km making it twice the size of Palm Jumeirah.

What kind of facilities will be on offer?

The master plan includes the development of around 80+ hotels and resorts, beachside residences for around 35,000 families, green spaces, and a wide range of entertainment and leisure amenities.

When was Palm Jebel Ali initially developed?

The development of Palm Jebel Ali first began in the early 2000’s however was quickly halted due to the financial crisis in late 2008. See Palm Jebel Ali History for details of this mega projects past.