Property Developers in Dubai

Property developers in Dubai are more than just real estate developers. In many cases they are massive brands so well known, they have become household names.

What Dubai has managed to become in the last twenty or so years is simply astonishing. There are many factors that have made this possible but one thing is for sure, none of it could have been done without Dubai’s property developers. Property development companies have played a huge role in building not only Dubai’s iconic tall towers but also its residential communities and tourist destinations.

There are currently over 100 active property developers in Dubai. Some are small family-run businesses whilst others are multi-national companies with projects all over the world. To keep things simple we are going to look at some of the more prominent developers active today.


Top Developers in Dubai

List Of ALL Dubai Real Estate Developers

AldarRAK PropertiesEagle Hills
AltaAjmal MakanPrescott Prime
Arada PropertiesAlef GroupCity Developments
AZIZIEMAAR PropertiesNakheel
Dubai PropertiesOmniyatDeyaar
Ellington PropertiesMajid Al FuttaimSelect Group
IFA Hotels & ResortsMAG GroupAl Barari
MeraasSOBHA RealtyBinghatti
Palma HoldingLIV DevelopersSeven Tides
TebyanReportage PropertiesDanube Properties
Union PropertiesGemeni DevelopersIman Developers

*This table provides a list of all of Dubai’s developers with multiple developments either underway or completed.



The four biggest developers in Dubai are:

  • EMAAR Properties
  • Dubai Properties
  • Nakheel

These represent a mixture of public, private and state owned companies. Further details on all can be found further down on this page.



Established in 1997 Emaar Properties is a publicly listed company and by far the biggest developer in Dubai. It is the developer behind world-renowned projects such as the Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Mall, along with various master communities such as Arabian Ranches and Downtown Dubai.

As of 2023, Emaar has completed over 80,000 units here in Dubai and over 95,000 globally. With various new master communities and projects underway, this developer is only set to grow its brand and influence.


New Communities by EMAAR Properties:



First established in 2007, Meraas is a Dubai-based holding company and also one of the most respected property developers in Dubai.

Traditionally known for building some of Dubai’s best retail and entertainment destinations, Meraas has in recent years also established itself as a leading developer of master residential communities.

Some of the most well-known projects by this developer include City Walk and Bluewater Island.



A development and property management company Dubai Properties is part of Dubai Holding. Known for building large-scale residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects its one of Dubai’s biggest and longest-standing developers.

Latest projects by Dubai Properties:

  • Mudon Al Ranim 3
  • La Violeta 2
  • La Rosa VI



A prominent Dubai-based developer with numerous residential and commercial projects both in Dubai as well as the Mena region. Best known for being the developer behind the Tilal Al Ghaf community. A master community that has been one of Dubai’s best-selling and most popular since its release in early 2020.

Latest projects by Majid Al Futtaim:



A publicly listed company Damac is a developer of both single projects as well as master communities. Some of the better-known projects by Damac include Paramount Towers as well as Damac Hills.

Latest projects by Damac Properties:



Established in 1976 Shoba is a large-scale developer with projects in the UAE as well as the greater Mena region. The company is predominantly known for developing high-end residential and commercial properties in prime areas of Dubai. They have a vast portfolio of projects that include luxury apartments, villas, townhouses, and mixed-use commercial spaces.

Sobha’s biggest current project is the hugely popular Shoba Heartland development in Meydan.

Latest Projects by SOBHA:



for exceptional residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. With a focus on luxury developments in prime locations, this real estate developer has delivered over 7,000 units across the UAE, UK, and Europe,

The company’s impressive portfolio spans 20 million square feet and features iconic projects in some of Dubai’s most sought-after areas including Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah.

New Projects by Selec Group:



An award-winning developer Binghatti currently has a portfolio of over 40 projects and is recognized for its cutting-edge architectural designs.

Areas of development spread all over Dubai and include Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).




A developer with apartment projects all over Dubai. Azizi has so far delivered over 50 projects with another 130+ on the way. A large portion of its current projects is located in the fast-developing Meydan community.



Owned by the government of Dubai, Nakheel is a master real estate developer who is responsible for some of the most ambitious real estate projects in the region. A developer of not just residential projects, Nakheel is also involved in retail, hospitality, and leisure projects which have been and continue to be pivotal to realizing Dubai’s greater vision.

The company’s most popular master projects include the world-renowned Palm Jumeirah as well as master communities such as Jumeirah Lake Towers and Jumeirah Village Triangle.

New Communities by Nakheel:

Properties for sale:



Established in 2014, Ellington Properties has quickly made a name for itself as one of Dubai’s most respected developers. A developer with a strong focus on creating luxury properties that incorporate the highest levels of style, comfort, and quality.

As of 2023, Ellington has completed both apartment and villa projects in most of Dubai’s main communities including Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah as well as Jumeirah Village Circle. All of its developments are truly bespoke, designed to inspire and provide a sense of true luxury


Latest projects by Ellington Properties:

Please note that the list of property developers here is simply a list of the more popular and most active developers. It is not a ranking of these developers in any way. For advice as to which property developers are the very best for the type of property you are interested please get in touch by phone or one of our contact forms. Alternatively, you can read our blog post on choosing the right property developer


Types of Property Developers in Dubai

Whilst each Dubai developer is in the same industry per se they are all very different in terms of what they offer and how they operate. This extends to the type and size of projects they build as well as the quality they deliver.

Certain, usually smaller developers tend to specialize in apartment projects consisting of 1 or 2 towers whilst other larger developers often build entire communities. Communities that are more like small towns featuring a mix of property style as well as retail and business premises.


Choosing a Property Developer

Choosing the right developer will oftentimes depend on two things; the type of property you are looking for and the location. Whilst some communities feature projects from a wide range of developers others are exclusively built by one single developer. In such cases, if you did wish to purchase in that particular community you would have no choice but to purchase from the master developer behind the project. A good example of this would be Emaar Beachfront where Emaar Properties is the sole developer of all available projects.

Top 5 things to take into consideration when making your decision:

  • Developer Standing and Reputation
  • Track Record
  • Experience
  • Product Availability
  • Price and Payment Terms Offered

For a full breakdown of all considerations see – How to Choose a Property Developer in Dubai


Dubai Property Developers – Selling Process

Generally speaking, all property developers develop projects with the ultimate goal of selling them for a profit. How they go about this process will vary however, in most cases, the entire sales process is done via what is referred to as a sales consultant or a real estate agent/broker.

A sales consultant usually refers to someone employed directly by the developer whilst a property broker is a real estate agent who does not work for the company but is licensed to sell their product. Most real estate developers in Dubai do not use exclusive agents but use an open market model instead, where all registered agents have the right to sell any of the developer’s projects.


Dubai Property Developers FAQ’s

Property Developer vs Contractor. What is the difference?

Whilst on the topic of Property Developers in Dubai it is worth pointing out that property developers are different from contractors. The biggest distinction is that property developers are responsible for the entire project, from planning to the eventual sale and delivery of a project. Contractors, on the other hand, are hired by developers to carry out the actual building and construction work as specified by the developer. It is not uncommon for one particular to use different contractors for different projects. It is also not uncommon for the same contractor to be used by different and often competing property developers.

Who is the biggest property developer in Dubai?

The biggest property developer in Dubai is Emaar Properties. This is both in terms of projects completed and market cap.

Who is the best real estate developer in Dubai?

There is no single developer that is the best. Each one builds a different style of property and does so in its own unique style.

How many real estate developers are there in Dubai?

The number of active developers in Dubai is one that’s constantly changing. However, it’s safe to say that there are at least 30+ medium to large property developers who are active today.

Do all property developers offer payment plans?

The short answer to this is Yes, however the type of payment plans on offer do vary significantly. Different developers have different strategies and offerings when it comes to payment plans. The difference is not limited to different developers but also different projects by the same developer.

For more information on this check out: Payment Plans Explaind

Is my money safe when buying from a Dubai Developer?

The Dubai property market as a whole is extremely well regulated with a wide range of rules and regulations in place to keep buyers safe. Despite this, it always pays to do your research and learn about the developer before signing anything.

What is a master developer in Dubai?

Master Developer is usually a term used to describe a developer that builds communities and not just towers. A community master developer is responsible for the planning, infrastructure, and maintenance of that community. Emaar Properties and its Dubai Hills project would be a good example of this. This is a project solely developed by Emaar and it includes not just residential towers but an array of property types mixed with retail and commercial outlets.

Can I get finance for an off plan property by all developers?

No. Whilst getting finance for an off-plan property is possible it is not something that can be obtained for off-plan properties. UAB banks tend to offer mortgages for only those off-plan projects developed by the country’s major developers.

What is a developer sales office?

A sales office in most instances refers to a developers show room. Just as car dealerships use showrooms to showcase their latest car models property developers use showrooms to showcase their very latest projects. Most sales offices will have various mockups of the latest projects and in some cases entire communities. In addition to this, sales office also offer meeting facilities and serve as the ideal place for clients to book their chosen units.