The Valley by Emaar Properties

The Valley by Emaar

The Valley by Emaar is the new master community that’s quickly becoming the favourite option for buyers looking for great value and a family-friendly community. Developed by Emaar Properties the Valley is a self-sufficient community with a vast range of lifestyle amenities, educational options, healthcare services, and retail outlets.

The master development features beautifully designed villas and townhouses in addition to world-class amenities all designed with a community spirit and connection in mind. The project master plan will also enjoy a town square along with a huge range of retail, entertainment, educational, and health facilities. A city within a city the Valley is well on its way to becoming a fully integrated mixed-use master community offering a truly world-class quality of life.

In terms of lifestyle amenities, The Valley will be home to a Sports village and a community beach that’s well over 30,000 sqm in size. This along with facilities such as a pavilion and an amphitheatre further cements Emaar’s commitment to making this one of the very best family communities in Dubai.


Community:The Valley
Developer:EMAAR Properties
Property Types:Apartments, Townhouses and Villas
Bedroom Options:1 to 5 Bedroom Options
Starting Price:AED 1,100,000




  • Dubai’s newest mixed-use master community
  • Developed by Dubai’s leading developer: Emaar Properties
  • A family-oriented community featuring a vast range of amenities and offering the highest quality of life opportunities
  • Superb value for money. The Valley offers a great range of Townhouse and Villa options at considerably lower prices and much larger sizes when compared to more urban areas.
  • A self-sufficient community that’s essentially a town. The Valley offers a superb range of lifestyle amenities, healthcare, and educational service along with a wide range of retail and hospitality options.
  • Strategically located on Dubai-Al Ain Rd. A sanctuary away from the busyness of Dubai whilst still being only 30 minutes from Dubai Mall as well as Dubai International Airport




The Valley is strategically located on Dubai-Al Ain Road, a major thoroughfare connecting two of the UAE’s Emirates. Its a unique location that lets you be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday Dubai while still being well-connected to the city.

Location Highlights:

  • 5 Minutes from Dubai Rugby Sevens
  • 8 Minutes from Dubai Outlet Mall
  • 25 Minutes from DXB Airport
  • 20 Minutes from Downtown Dubai
The Valley Location Map




The Valley Townhouse Projects:

The Valley Twin Villa Projects:

The Valley Villa Projects:



There are essentially 3 types of properties available within the Vally community. This includes townhouses, twin villas, and villas that can be found in various neighborhoods or sub-communities. Each neighborhood not only has a different name and style but also offers unique types of villas or townhouses that are different from what’s found in other neighborhoods consisting of the same property types.

When compared to other communities offering the same property types the one thing that stands out about the Valley is the property sizes on offer. These tend to be considerably larger than what you will find in congested, more centrally located areas. This attribute has proven to be hit with buyers looking for larger spaces, more land, and a great deal more privacy.

The Valley Townhouses

Types: Townhouse options at The Valley come in a variety of different design styles with at least two variants available in each subcommunity. Bedroom varieties include both 3 and 4-bed options with both middle and end units available.

Average Sizes:

  • 3 Bedroom: 2,300 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 2,000 sq ft.
  • 4 Bedroom: 2,650 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 3,100 sq ft.

The Valley Twin Villas

Types: Twin Villas at The Valley are a popular choice for those looking for something a little bigger than a townhouse but not necessarily as big as a villa. This property type is available in a range of 3, 4 and 5-bedroom options in various designs and styles.

Average Sizes:

  • 3 Bedroom: 3,150 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 3,400 sq ft.
  • 4 Bedroom: 3,400 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 3,600 sq ft.
  • 5 Bedroom: 4,500 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 5,200 sq ft.

The Valley Villas

Types: Villa options at the Vally consist of a range of 4 and 5-bed options. Featuring spacious areas and generous plot sizes, villas offer not only more space but also more privacy as unlike other property types villas do not share a common wall with any other property. In other words, they are true standalone properties.

Average Sizes:

  • 4 Bedroom: 3,150 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 5,400 sq ft.
  • 5 Bedroom: 3,150 sq ft. average built-up areas with an average plot area of 6,400 sq ft.

See The Valley by Emaar Photos for a collection of community and property-type photos.



  • Town Square – Spanning over  32,000 sqm and featuring Indoor and Outdoor retail, Farmers Market, Gourmet Dining, and more
  • Sports Village – A 20,000 sqm area featuring sporting fields, running tracks, gyms, playgrounds, and more
  • Kids Ale – A purpose-built kids area featuring an amphitheater, rock climbing areas, and a unique archeological play area
  • The Pavilion – A place to unwind and take some time out in the Zen and Oasis Garden. Also included is an Observation deck and a Maze.
  • Golden Beach – A beach area that’s over 30,000 sqm in size. Featuring various water splash areas surrounded by a vast range of F&B Outlets it provides the perfect focal point for the entire community.
  • First Class Sports Facilities – With an array of Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities staying fit and active all year round has never been easier.
  • BBQ and Picnic Areas – Spread across its many parks are extensive BBQ and Picnic areas to be enjoyed with friends and family.

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The Valley is a residential community that epitomises serene suburban living with a focus on family-friendly amenities and vast green spaces. Designed for residents seeking a tranquil lifestyle away from the city’s hustle, it offers modern townhouses and villas amidst lush landscapes. Featuring a town centre filled with retail outlets and dining options the Valley is also home to sports facilities, and various community centres. As far as relaxed, family friendly community living goes, the Vally is hard to beat.



The developer responsible for The Valley project is Emaar Properties.  A publicly listed company established over 20 years ago, Emaar is not only one of Dubai’s but also the world’s biggest real estate developers.

With a presence in over 35 different markets, Emaar’s most notable developments include but are in no way limited to; the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. Outside of such iconic development, Emaar is also responsible for some of Dubai’s very best master communities. These include Downtown Dubai, Dubai Hills, Dubai Creek, and of course the new Emaar Beachfront community.

With numerous exciting projects underway and planned for the future this is one developer that is set to follow success with only more success.


The Valley Master Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Valley a Freehold Community?

Yes, the entire community and all properties are zoned as freehold.

Who is the developer?

The developer of The Valley community and all properties here is Emaar Properties. This allows for greater planning and ensures the community is cohesive and the building standard is consistent. It’s something that no other developer does as well as Emaar Properties.

Are there any Apartments available?

At this stage, there are no apartment buildings available in this community.

What is the smallest townhouse available?

The smallest townhouse or the least number of bedrooms is 3 bedrooms.

Are there any retail options available?

Yes. The Valley town centre is home to a vast array of indoor and outdoor retail outlets to cater for all needs and tastes.

What is the project completion date?

The entire community is not due to be completed for at least the next 5 years however a large number of neighborhoods are due for delivery over the next two or so years. Retail and recreational centres will open in line if not before residents move in ensuring the community will be functioning from day one.

Is the Valley a good investment?

A good investment will mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. With that said this is an emerging community being built by hands down the best developer of master communities anywhere in the MENA region and beyond. Considering this as well as the prices and property sizes on offer, the upside potential is definitely there for both investors looking to rent or sell in a few years. To learn more about investing in real estate see – Investing in Dubai Property

The Valley Payment Plans available?

All newly released projects in the Valley community come with a payment plan. Every project is released with a unique payment plan which is subject to change over time. Please see – Property Payment Plans Explained for further details on the different payment plan options out there.

What type of property can I buy in the Valley?

The Valley development offers 3 types of residential properties; Townhouses, Twin Villas, and Villas. Townhouses are the smallest of the three types and also come with the lowest price. Twin Villas sit in the middle with Villas being the biggest and naturally the highest-cost property type available.