Emaar Oasis Dubai


The Oasis by Emaar is a brand-new and highly anticipated master community by none other than Emaar Properties. This exciting new development marks Emaar’s first venture into a master community in over three years.

The Oasis by Emaar is set to feature a diverse range of residential options, including a stunning range of townhouses and luxury villas. In typical Emaar fashion, available properties will have a keen focus on design and functionality and provide residents with an unrivaled and luxurious living experience.

As with all Emaar projects, The Oasis by Emaar will deliver outstanding amenities and be a meticulously planned master community. Emaar has built a reputation for providing world-class facilities and amenities within its communities, ensuring residents have access to everything they need for a truly fulfilled lifestyle. From beautifully landscaped parks and fitness centers to shopping and dining destinations, The Oasis Emaar is set to exceed expectations and build on everything Emaar communities are loved for.


Community:The OASIS by Emaar
Developer:EMAAR Properties
Property TypesLuxury Villas
Dvelopment Value$20 Billion
Land Area100 million sq. ft
Bedrooms:4 and 5 Bedroom Options
Starting Price8.1M





  • Developed by Dubai’s premier developer of master communities – Emaar Properties
  • Dubai’s newest and most exciting master community
  • Future home to 7,000+ residential units
  • A large scape development encompassing a land area of 100m sq ft
  • A mega project with a development value of $20 billion
  • Just 20 minutes drive from Downtown Dubai and within close proximity to four world-class Golf courses
  • A family-focused community with 25 percent of the land dedicated to lakes, canals, parks, jogging tracks, green spaces, and various luxury amenities




The Oasis by Emaar offers a range of opulent residential choices that include townhouses, villas, mansions, and super-mansions. Each is crafted to the highest EMAAR standards with cleverly designed spaces and broad terraces that merge indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly. The residences boast welcoming entrances, spacious interiors, and open private gardens, offering a peaceful sanctuary and direct access to the tranquil water canals meandering throughout the community.

Property Sizes:

  • 3 bedrooms – N/A
  • 4 bedrooms – from 5,843 sq ft
  • 5 bedrooms – from 10,388 sq ft
  • 6 bedrooms – from 11,297 sq ft

Plot Sizes

  • 4 Bedroom Villas – 7,940 sq. ft.
  • 5 Bedroom Villas – 8,260 sq. ft.



Villa TypeStarting Price
4 Bedroom Villa
AED 8,100,000
5 Bedroom VillaAED 11,900,000

Villa prices at The Oasis vary by project. As of mid-2024, two villa projects have been introduced: Palimera and Mirage. Prices for 4-bedroom villas at Palimera start at AED 8 million, while 5-bedroom options at Mirage begin from AED 15 million. As additional projects are launched, buyers will find a wider range of options at different price points, catering to diverse investment preferences and budgets.



The OASIS by Emaar Location

The OASIS community holds a enviable location within close proximity to major transportation routes. This includes Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Road (D54) and the future extension of Al Khail Road (E44).  This prime location ensures residents enjoy easy access to the city’s bustling attractions whilst living in a peaceful family friendly community.

What’s Nearby:

  • 18 Al Maktoum International Airport
  • 20 Dubai Hills Estate
  • 28 Dubai Marina
  • 35 Minutes from Downtown Dubai and Dubai Mall

For further location details see: The Oasis by Emaar Location Guide


As of mid-2024, only two villa projects have been released within The Oasis community. For full details see: The Oasis Villas by Emaar



The Oasis by Emaar is set to embody everything that is so great about Dubai communities. It’s a community where 25 percent of the land will be transformed into breathtaking lakes, canals, parks, futuristic jogging tracks, and lush green spaces. These carefully integrated natural elements will create an oasis of tranquillity and provide residents with a real sense of nature.  The community will offer an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, promoting an active and family-friendly lifestyle.

Proudly embracing the spirit of luxury living, the Oasis by Emaar will present an unparalleled range of everyday amenities. A  retail center will cater to the daily needs of residents, showcasing an impressive selection of shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores. In addition, the community will feature a vast range of food and beverage outlets for the residents to choose from.



In case the name didn’t give it away the developer behind The OASIS project is of course Emaar Properties. Established in 1997, Emaar is a publicly listed company with a market cap of over 40 billion AED and more than 10,000 workers. With a presence in over 12 countries Emaar is easily one of the biggest developers in the world.

As of early 2024, Emaar has delivered over 85,000 units in Dubai and abroad. Its best-known developments include the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and more recently the under-construction Emaar Beachfront community.





The Oasis by Emaar Properties is nothing short of a premier residential development in Dubai. Developed by the very best in the business when it comes to world-class communities, The Oasis spans a vast 100 million sq ft, offering a harmonious blend of luxurious properties and natural beauty. This community goes beyond conventional luxury, integrating residences designed by internationally acclaimed architects with the richness of the natural environment. A significant portion of the development, 25%, is dedicated to open spaces and amenities, ensuring residents have ample opportunity to engage in leisure and social activities amidst verdant landscapes.

Positioned for convenience yet embodying tranquillity, The Oasis ensures residents have swift access to Dubai’s prime destinations. This includes 4 top-tier golf courses, educational institutions, and shopping centers. This sanctuary of serenity and luxury offers a living experience characterised by privacy, comfort, and an active lifestyle for families of all sizes.

With its extensive area and commitment to preserving open spaces for the benefit of residents, The Oasis by Emaar will be the gold standard when it comes to low-density living.



Investing in The Oasis by Emaar presents a remarkable opportunity. This is especially the case considering its status as a new community where initial prices are typically more accessible, with a strong tendency to appreciate as the community develops. This pattern of growth ensures that early investors stand to see substantial returns on their investment. Emaar’s reputation as a premier developer, known for its excellence in crafting exceptional communities, further elevates The Oasis’s investment appeal. Historical data from Emaar’s past projects indicate that investors have consistently enjoyed significant gains. This further underscores the promising investment potential of The Oasis. This great combination makes The Oasis a compelling choice for investors looking for exceptional growth returns without the need for an immediate yield.






What is the Oasis by Emaar?

Oasis by Emaar Properties is Dubai’s latest master community. The project it is set to feature a range of luxury townhouse and villa options along with an array of retail and lifestyle amenities.

Who is the developer behind The OASIS?

The OASIS is a project by Emaar Properties. It’s Emaar’s first totally new master community in over 3 years.

What type of properties will there be at the Oasis?

The Oasis by Emaar community is set to feature a range of townhouses, villas and ultra luxury mansions. At this stage there has been no word about apartments being availble in this community. This could however change as more project information is released.

Emaar Oasis launch?

As of July 2023, the Oasis project has been announced to the public with limited information released. What we know so far is that the first release here will feature a range of luxury villas expected to be offered in a range of 4 and 5 bedroom options. Further information is expected over the coming weeks with exact project details to come.

How far is it from Downtown Dubai?

The Oasis project holds a prime location. It is located in close proximity to four world-class Golfcourse whilst being just 20 minutes from Downtown Dubai.

Are there any plots for sale at the OASIS by Emaar?

As this is a brand new project it is not yet known if any plots will be released for sale.