Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The world-renowned Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island. It extends over 6 kilometers into the Arabian Gulf Sea and is comprised of a two-kilometer-long trunk, a total of 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent. A mixed use community the Palm is home to a vast range of ultra-luxury hotels, entertainment venues, retail precincts, and of course some of the most opulent properties found anywhere in the world.

Officially launched in 2001 the Palm saw the handover of the first residences in the latter part of 2006. Today the Palm is over 85% built and is home to over 2000 high-end villas and numerous medium-rise residential developments as well as world-class hotels.

Aside from hotels and luxury residences rivaling that found in the likes of California the Palm is also home to the Golden Mile Galleria; a recently opened 400,000 sq ft retail complex located in Golden Mile. Another recent addition to this ever more impressive community is Nakheel Mall. Boasting over 140 shops, a cinema, and 30 plus F&B outlets it’s a one-stop destination for just about anything.

Current residential off-plan projects on the Palm include the Palm 360, Palm Tower as well as the much anticipated Como by Nakheel.


Community:Palm Jumeirah
Property Types:Aprtments, Townhouses, Villas and Mansions
Dvelopment Size:5.6 sq km
Number of Units:4,000+
Bedroom Options:1 to 8+
Starting Price:AED 750,000





  • World’s biggest man-made island in the shape of a palm tree
  • A unique blend of high-end apartment buildings, and luxury villas along with a fast-growing range of Food and Beverage outlets
  • Home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotel brands including The One & Only, Sofitel, Kempinski, and of course the Atlantis.
  • Golden Mile Galeria with over 100 retail and F&B outlets
  • Home to the Nakheel Mall along with the prestigious St Regis Hotel and beach club
  • One of the best and most in demand communities in Dubai





Below is a list of the very latest projects announced and releases in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. Some of the mentioned projects may not yet be on sale whilst others may have already been released.



As far as residential property goes Palm Jumeirah truly has something for everyone. Property types available include apartments, hotel apartments, townhouses, luxury villas, and a limited selection of penthouses. Within each category is a wide range of options spread across different projects. Being such an exclusive location, most projects on the Palm can easily be classified as ranging from high quality to the absolute finest money can buy.

Generally speaking, most of the villas can be found on one of the Palms 17 fronds. Apartments on the other hand are located on either the trunk or along the 6km long crescent.

Palm Jumeirah Villas:

Palm Jumeirah villas can essentially be split into two distinct groups. The first group is the villas initially released by Nakheel Properties. These villas came in a variety of architectural styles, including Mediterranean, contemporary, and Arabic-inspired designs. Whilst different styles were available in essence the villas were divided into two size categories these being either the large Signature villas or the smaller Garden home. All options were located on one of the fronds, were water-facing and had direct beach access.

Other available villa types were developed later by either developers or private owners. Generally speaking, these villas tend to be custom in design and a much higher grade than what was initially developed by Nakheel.

Palm Jumeirah Apartments:

Types: The Palm Jumeirah is home to a large number of apartment projects with many of these being developed by a different developer. As a result, the choice and style of available apartments is not only plentiful but rather diverse. No matter what the developer however Palm Jumeirah apartments enjoy a prime and often beachfront location with views to match. The types of apartments available varies on the project with options available ranging from cosy Studio apartments to 5+ bedroom penthouses.

Designs: Palm Jumeirah apartments are known for their modern and spacious interiors. They regularly feature open-plan layouts with well-designed living spaces and luxury finishes.  Large windows are also common place making the living areas bright and welcoming and of course taking full advantage of the views on offer.

Amenities: With most Palm apartment projects being in the luxury category the amenities on offer are often similar to that you would expect in a  5 star hotel. A vast amount of Palm Jumeirah apartments has access to a plethora of amenities and facilities, including world class fitness centres, spa services, beach clubs, swimming pools, concierge services and more.

Views: Being located on an Island its not hard to guess that many apartments on Palm Jumeirah offer truly stunning views. Whether it be the open sea, the Dubai Marina skyline or community icons such as the stunning Royal Atlantis the views are simply breathtaking.



If there was ever a community where it was near impossible to provide a meaningful price guide it would be Palm Jumeirah. With over a 100 projects some of which are brand new and others 15 or so years old providing an average price as such is nearly impossible. With that said below is a general price range for each property type and category:



One Palm – A luxury high-rise development located on the Palm trunk. Home to three out-of-this-world penthouses one of which set the record for the most expensive apartment ever sold in Dubai at the time.

Royal Atlantis – Released in 2023 the Royal Atlantis is the newest and possibly the most extravagant project in Dubai. Part hotel and part residential it’s a stunning twin-tower development connected by a massive sky bridge. Located here are multiple swimming pools, lounges, and restaurants, as well as breathtaking views of the entire Palm Jumeirah, Dubai skyline, and the open sea. A complete list of available hotels can be found: Palm Jumeirah Hotels



Listed here are all projects which have been announced but are yet to be released. If no projects are listed it means that there no projects have officially been announced at this point in time.



Palm Jumeirah offers a huge range of attractions and activities for both residents and visitors. Here are just some of the many attractions in this iconic community.

The Royal Atlantis: Opened in 2023 The Royal Atlantis is a development like no other. A true adult wonderland it offers a level of luxury and opulence that’s rare even in a city like Dubai. Designed and crafted by the world’s leading architects The Royal Atlantis features both residences and hotel rooms all of which come with uninterrupted and truly glorious views.

Aqua Venture Waterpark: Located at the original Atlantis, this waterpark is a major draw for both adults and children. It offers a vast array of thrilling rides, water slides, and even the chance to swim with the dolphins.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium: Also at Atlantis, this aquarium features a variety of marine life and underwater tunnels for a unique underwater experience.

Nakheel Mall: A recent addition to the community Nakheel Mall is a superb shopping and dining complex with a wide range of retail outlets and entertainment facilities. Offering an iconic experience in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall is home to over 300 shops, restaurants, and entertainment outlets.  Spread over five floors  Nakheel Mall comes with an impressive 15-screen cinema complex, a fine dining rooftop plaza, and a direct connection to the stunning viewing deck on top of Palm Tower.

Beaches: Being an island it’s no surprise that the Palm Jumeirah offers numerous pristine beaches. Even tho man-made these come with clear waters and easy access allowing residents and tourists to swim or sunbathe with ease.



Palm Jumeirah is and has for a long time been one of Dubai’s most popular communities for both investors and residents. It represents the pinnacle of luxurious beachfront living, offering exclusive residences and amenities to match. Its somewhat secluded nature provides an unparalleled resort like lifestyle with beach access, exclusive amenities, shopping mall, high-end dining and more.



While the master developer of the Palm is and always has been Nakheel there are a large number of other developers who have developed projects on the island. Some of the more significant ones include:

  • Ellington Properties: Known as one of Dubai’s premier boutique developers Ellington has a number of projects completed and currently underway on Palm Jumeriah. Its most recent project is the recently released Beachouse located on the east crescent.
  • Omniyat: Anyone familiar with Dubai’s ultra-luxury project would be very familiar with Omniyat. A developer of truly special, architecturally designed projects Omniyat is the developer behind the One Plalm project. A truly stunning development its considered one of Dubai’s very best.

See “Palm Jumeriah Developers” for a full list of property developers with projects within this community



Plm Jumeirah Location Map Dubai

The Palm holds a truly unique location. An island sanctuary that’s well-connected and in close proximity to all of Dubai’s top destinations and communities. RELATED: Palm Jumeirah Location





Palm Jumeirah FAQs

Are all properties here freehold?

Yes. The entire island is considered a freehold community.

Are there studios available?

Yes. The palm is home to a number of studio only projects as well as projects with Studio apartments. One example of the former would be the Club Vista Mare which offers a select number of spacious studios with stunning sea views.

Is the new Atlantis Royale open?

Yes. This is now a fully completed project and the hotel is fully operational.

Who is the master developer?

The master developer is Nakheel who is also responsible for community maintenance. With that said there are various developers with their own projects on the island.

How much is a Palm Jumeirah Villa?

The cost of Palm villas can and does vary dramatically. Generally, prices range between AED20m and AED150m plus.

Are there any schools on the Palm?

There are no schools located on the Palm Jumeirah itself however numerous schools are in close proximity.

How many projects are there on Palm Jumeirah?

The Palm has in excess of 200 projects. These consist of both residential and commercial properties developed by various Dubai developers of all sizes. Looking at residential properties the available options consist of hotel apartments, residential apartments, townhouses, and luxury villas.

How big is the Palm Jumeirah?

The Palm island covers an area of approximately 5.4 square kilometers. In doing so its adds an incredible 78 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline.

What year was the Palm Jumeirah launched?

Palm Jumeirah was officially launched in the year 2001. Fast forward to 2023 the community still has projects which are under construction and plots of land which are yet to be developed. The number of these however is shrinking fast and opportunities to buy into new projects is becoming rather limited.

What are the new projects on the Palm Jumeirah?

A full list of new and upcoming projects on the Palm can be found further up on this page.

Do all Palm projects come with beach access?

Not all Palm Jumeirah projects come with beach access. Whilst there are many projects that do come with beach access some do not. With that said the Palm does have numerous public beaches that are accessible to all residents meaning that whilst a beach may not be at your doorstep one is never too far away.

What amenities are available?

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the most amenity-packed communities in Dubai. For a full breakdown see Palm Jumeirah Amenities.