Selling an Off Plan Property in Dubai

Sell off-plan property in Dubai – What you need to know

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Selling an Off-Plan Property in Dubai – Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Determine if you are eligible to sell: 

    The very first step to consider when selling an off-plan property is whether or not you can. Due to laws initiated by the Dubai Land Department, property developers require owners to pay a minimum of 30% of the property’s total cost before selling that property is permitted. Sellers who have not reached this milestone but still wish to sell can pay the shortfall in advance in order to reach the required threshold.

  2. Find a suitable buyer: 

    Once you know you are in a position to sell the next step is to find a suitable buyer. This is best done by collaborating with a licensed real estate agent or agency that is experienced in the off-plan market. Some agencies may already have suitable buyers on their books however if not they will market the property to potential buyers and take care of the negotiations

  3. Agree on the terms of the sale:

    Once suitable buyers or preferably buyers are presented the next step is to start the negotiation process. This will include agreeing on things like the transfer date, any special terms and conditions and of course the sales price.

  4. Obtain an NOC from the developer

    Once the winning buyer has emerged the next step is for the seller to approach the developer and obtain an NOC. Short for “No Objection Certificate” the NOC officially confirms that the developer has no objection to the current owner selling the property to the designated buyer and soon-to-be new owner.

  5. Signing of Contracts

    Once all the negotiations have been completed and terms and conditions set it’s time for all parties to sign the contract. The contract will detail all the terms of the sale as well as everyone’s obligations including the buyer’s responsibilities to the developer.

  6. Transfer of ownership

    This is the final step in selling an off-plan property in Dubai. At this step, the seller will receive payment for the sale of the property. This will include the amount they have already paid to the developer plus or minus any premium. The buyer as the new owner will have the property registered in their name and now be responsible for all outstanding payments related to the property.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Selling Off Plan

Can I sell before completion?

This is a question commonly asked by many potential sellers. The answer to this question in most cases is Yes – you most certainly can.

How to sell an off-the-plan property before completion?

The first step to selling your off-plan property is to contact the developer and find out how much of the property must be paid off in order to obtain a sale No Objection Certificate (NOC).

The exact figure or percentage will vary for different developers but is usually somewhere around 30-40%. This is a requirement brought in a few years ago in order to minimize speculative buying and ensure a fairer marketplace for all.

How would the sale process work?

The process of selling an off plan property is slightly different to a standard property sale but is rather simple nevertheless. In essence, the new buyer pays the seller an amount equal to what they have already paid off to the developer (+/- any difference agreed on). The new buyer then simply takes over the existing payment plan and pays all future due installments directly to the developer.

Why sell an off plan property?

Every off plan buyer/owner has their own reasons for selling. In some cases, their circumstances may have changed whilst others are simply doing it in order to make a profit.

In times like right now where we have seen strong growth in the Dubai real estate market it is not uncommon to see off plan property owners selling their uncompleted property for profits of 30% and in some cases even 70%. These are great returns in a relatively short period of time.

What if I have finance on my property?

Selling an off plan property with financing or a mortgage against it is certainly possible. The process only differs slightly due to a bank being involved which means that the new or existing buyer will need to settle that loan before an NOC can be issued. This makes the entire process last a little longer but is by no means a big hurdle.

How do I find a buyer for my property?

There are various ways to find buyers for your off-plan property however the quickest and easiest way by far is to engage the services of an experienced real estate agent. The agent or agency you choose should not only be reputable and experienced but just as importantly one that specializes in off-plan property. An agency dealing with off-plan will not only understand the process but is also likely to have ready buyers looking for exactly your property.



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