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Dubai Creek Harbour is a joint large-scale project between Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties. Set to be built over the next 10 to 15 years this master-planned water-front development along Ras Al Khor Road has a larger land area than Downtown Dubai. Once completed the area will encompass commercial, leisure, and residential neighborhoods that will enjoy a new level of record-breaking amenities and lifestyle quality.

Dubai Creek Harbour sits abreast Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to over 450 animals and is over 620 hectares in size. This unique sanctuary will remain untouched throughout the development process and will gain a new visitors’ center making it even more accessible to residents and tourists. Another unique but not-so-natural attraction of this master project will be Dubai Creek Tower. Once completed this will be the tallest structure in the world and become the focal point of the entire area and beyond.

The 6km2 Creek Harbour master plan includes nine districts; The Island District, The Canal District, The Business District, Park North, Central Park, Park South, The Retail District, The Sanctuary District, and finally The Urban Core. As the names, would suggest each of the nine districts will have a defined use making the entire Creek Harbour well and truly a city within a city.

As of Q4 2023 nearly all of the released projects in Dubai Creek have been within the Island District and the Creek Beach sub-community. So far all of these have been developed by Emaar Properties. Whether other developers will be able to purchase land and build their own projects in the area is yet to be seen.


Community:Dubai Creek Harbour
Developer:EMAAR Properties
Property Types:Apartments and Townhouses
No Of Residential Towers:100+
Size of Development5.5 sq km
Bedroom Options:1 to 5 Bedroom Options
Starting Price:AED 950,000




Dubai Creek Harbour Highlights

  • Home to ‘The Tower’ which at over 1000 meters will become the world’s tallest structure
  • Set to feature Dubai Square; the world’s largest mall and entertainment complex
  • Located just 10 minutes from Downtown Dubai and Dubai Airport
  • Incorporates the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary; a nature attraction rarely found in the region
  • Covering  a land area of 6 square km making DCH larger than Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina
  • Wide choice of property options ranging from apartments, villas, and luxury penthouses.
  • Properties located on the Island District come with stunning views of the Creek and Downtown Dubai




The entire Dubai Creek Harbour development will be divided into a total of nine districts:

  • The Island District
  • The Canal District
  • The Business District
  • Park North
  • Central Park
  • Park South
  • The Retail District
  • The Sanctuary District
  • The Urban Core

As eluded to by the names each of the nine districts will have a defined use making the entire Creek Harbour a fully integrated community.

As of 2023, the majority of development at Dubai Creek has happened in the Island District appropriately named Creek Island. A genuinely stunning waterfront location Creek Island mixes upscale residences with a host of leisure and recreational amenities. Included within the district are a central park, a stunning marina, a world-class yacht club, and a family-friendly promenade offering unrivaled views of the sunset and Downtown Dubai.





Dubai Creek Harbour Location Map

Location Highlights:

  • 5 Minutes from Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  • 10 Minutes from Dubai International Airport
  • 15 Minutes from Downtown Dubai
  • 25 Minutes from Dubai Marina

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The Dubai Creek Harbour community offers A variety of property types that include both luxury apartments and a limited selection of townhouses.

Dubai Creek Harbour Apartments:

Types: The Dubai Creek projects come with an impressive range of luxury apartments that cater to various preferences and lifestyles. These apartments are situated in both low and high-rise buildings and come in a variety of bedroom options. These range from one-bedroom units to spacious four-bedroom residences.

Designs: All properties available within Dubai Creek are developed by Emaar Properties.  Featuring modern and open-plan layouts all apartments are designed to maximize space and allow for a seamless flow between different rooms. Further adding to the look and feel of Dubai Creek apartments is the strong emphasis on natural light. Large windows and balconies flood the apartments with light and create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Views: Due to the community’s unique location on Dubai Creek a vast majority of apartments provide breathtaking views of the surroundings. These include panoramic vistas of iconic landmarks such as Downtown Dubai and the stunning Dubai Creek. These views add to the allure of living in an Emaar apartment, offering a visual treat day and night.

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Dubai Creek Harbour Townhouses:

While less common, Dubai Creek Harbour does offer a limited number of townhouse options. These are strategically located on the podium levels of select apartment buildings and often come in either two- or three-bedroom options. This design concept integrates townhouse living within a larger residential complex, providing a sense of community while maintaining individual privacy.

The concept of a townhouse in what is a high-rise and high-density community is rather unique and has proven very popular with buyers. It’s a property type that allows residents to enjoy the amenities and convenience of the vibrant residential community while having a private yard and easy access.



Property prices at Dubai Creek Harbour can and do vary significantly. Number of bedrooms, size, building location and of course view all play a big factor in determining the sale price.



Set in a historic location Dubai Creek Harbour combines upscale waterfront living with innovative urban design. Known for its iconic skyline,  stunning views and leisure facilities, Dubai Creek offers a sophisticated lifestyle with all the conveniences. Popular with young professionals and families this urban setting provides a comprehensive living experience that perfectly balances work, play, and relaxation.



The entire Dubai Creek Harbour project is being developed by Emaar Properties. A publically listed company Emaar is one of the world’s biggest real estate developers. A developer best known for its fully integrated master communities Emaar Properties is responsible for world-class neighbourhoods such as Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches, and the new Emaar Beachfront.


Dubai Creek Harbour Master Plan


Property Investment Potential

As far as buying for investment is concerned Dubai Creek Harbour is regarded as one of the more attractive communities to invest in today. Considering the sheer scale and amenities planned it’s a community that will offer considerable capital appreciation and above-average returns. This applies especially to the early buyers who purchase in prime locations whilst stock availability is still relatively low.

  • Creek Beach
  • Creek Horizon
  • 17 Icon Bay
  • Harbour Views
  • Harbour Gate
  • Creekside 18
  • Address Harbour Point
  • Dubai Creek Residence (Tower I, II & III)
  • Creek Gate
  • Creek Rise
  • Creek Palace
  • Palace Residences
  • The Grand
  • Harbour Views
  • The Cove (I&II)


Who is the project developer?

The developer behind DCH is Emaar Properties. In addition to being the master developer, Emaar is also the exclusive developer of all projects within the community. This can be of great benefit as it ensures a certain level of cohesion and quality that isn’t always achieved when too many developers are involved.

When will the Tower be built?

Whilst the construction on the Tower has commenced no completion date has yet been announced.

How many districts are there in Dubai Creek Harbour?

The Dubai Creek Harbour project consists of 9 districts. These include: The Island District, The Canal District, The Business District, Park North, Central Park, Park South, The Retail District, The Sanctuary District, and finally The Urban Core

Is Dubai Creek a good investment?

Dubai Creek is a great investment. This is a community that one day is set to become the heart of Dubai and buyers who purchase before that happens stand to benefit greatly.

What type of property types are available at Dubai Creek?

Available property types include apartments as well as a limited selection of townhouses. Apartments options range from 1 to 4 bedroom options and are available in various low mid and high-rise apartment buildings. Townhouses on the other hand can be found on the podium levels of a select number of projects.

Can I buy a studio in DCH?

No, there are no Studio apartments available at Dubai Creek. This is not a property type that Emaar develops.

Can I rent a property in DCH?

Yes, there are a great number of ready projects with many apartments available for rent. The full list of these can be found on any of Dubai’s leading property portals.