Palm Jumeirah Apartments

One of the world’s most famous neighbourhoods Palm Jumeirah is home to a wide range of luxury apartment buildings. 

Palm Jumeirah Apartments for Sale


  • Armani Beach Residence
  • Ava by Omniyat
  • Como Residences
  • Ellington Beach House


Apartment Developer:

While Nakheel is the master developer of Palm Jumeirah, overseeing the island’s overall development and infrastructure, individual projects and buildings within the Palm are developed by a broad range of developers. These developers bring their unique vision and style to their respective projects, contributing to the diverse range of apartment projects available.

Apartment Types:

Palm Jumeirah offers a diverse range of apartment types and styles. These include:

  • Studios: Compact however usually with balcony and view.
  • 1-bedroom: A common flat type found in most projects.
  • 2-bedroom: The most common and popular options. Suitable for a broad demographic.
  • 3-bedroom and larger: Offers spacious living areas for larger families.  Usually with stunning views of the sea or Dubai skyline.
  • Penthouses: The epitome of luxury for those who can afford it. Palm penthouses provide expansive living spaces, high-end finishes, and panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Apartment Sizes:

  • Studios: Typically range from approximately 320 to 550 square feet,
  • 1-bedroom apartments: These can vary widely but generally sit between 800 to 1,200 square feet,
  • 2-bedroom apartments: These are usually found within the range of 1,300 to 1,800 square feet,
  • 3-bedroom apartments: These larger units can range from about 1,800 to 2,500 square feet,
  • Penthouses: The sizes for penthouses in Palm Jumeirah can be quite expansive, starting from around 2,500 square feet and can go up to 10,000 square feet or more. These often feature luxurious amenities, large terraces and of course panoramic views.

These sizes are indicative and to be used as a guide only.  Actual sizes can and do vary based on the specific development and layout within a particular development.


Living in Palm Jumeirah usually comes with access to world-class amenities. Some of the more common inclusions as standard are:

  • Private beaches acess
  • High-end shopping and dining destinations.
  • Luxurious spas and wellness centres.
  • State-of-the-art fitness facilities.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Children’s play areas
  • 24/7 security and concierge services.



Palm Jumeirah apartment prices are rather varied and determined by a vast number of factors. Some of the biggest are apartment type, size, project quality and of course location within the actual island. Generally speaking Studio apartments start at around AED 900k although these are rather rare.


Palm Jumeirah Ready to Move in Apartments

See the full list of the more prominent and ready-to-move-in apartment buildings located on the Palm Jumeirah

Golden Mile by Nakheel:  One of the earlier buildings to be developed on the island this project offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and townhouses and penthouses. These properties are located in 10-story buildings and provide various residential options.

One Palm by Omniyat: Situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, this is a ready-to-move-in residential project. It offers luxurious living spaces, and the details about the project can be checked on various real estate platforms.

Shoreline Apartments: One of the largest developments in Palm Jumeirah, the  Shoreline projects consist of a total of 20 identical mid-rise residential buildings.

Dukes The Palm: Completed in May 2017, this project in Palm Jumeirah offers 285 units. Sales prices range from $266.85K to $707.96K.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah – Formerly known as “Viceroy” this development, completed in late 2018, is located next to one of Dubai’s most luxurious buildings: One Palm.

Royal Bay: Completed in December 2017, Royal Bay in Palm Jumeirah offers 90 units with sales prices ranging from $272.29K to $1.4M.

The Fairmont Palm Residence: Located on the west side of the Palm Jumeirah trunk this project offers 558 units and was completed recently.

Mansion 1: Completed in March 2018, Mansion 1 in Palm Jumeirah offers 104 units with sales prices between $9.8M and $11.71M.

Atlantis The Royal Residences: One of the latest additions to this exclusive community this prestigious project in Palm Jumeirah was completed in March 2022 and offers 231 units, with prices ranging from $3.65M to $49.01M.

Palma Residences: Completed in late 2015, this project offers 104 units with sales prices between $2.38M and $7.62M.

Palm Views West: Located in Palm Views, Palm Jumeirah, this project was completed in December 2015 and offers 96 Studio apartments. u

Palm Views East: A mirror image of Palm Views West this development has the same attributes and unit configuration with the only difference being that it is east-facing.

Club Vista Mare: Located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, this project was completed in December 2016. It features 33 units located above an array of cafe’s and restaurants below.

Azure Residences: Positioned at the very start of the Palm Jumeirah trunk this development was completed in April 2016. It offers 170 units with excellent views of the water and Dubai skyline.

XXII Carat: An ultra luxury project situated on the west Crescent this development offers 22 units at a sales price of $39.48M and was completed in December 2017.

Palm Jumeirah Apartments by Nakheel



How much is an apartment on Palm Jumeirah?

New Palm Jumeirah apartments start at around  AED 2.2m. This will of course vary depending on the project in question.

What are the apartment types available

The Palm offers a range of residences including, studios, one, two, three, and four-bedroom options, along with luxury 5+ bedroom penthouses.

What are the typical interior features of these apartments?

Generally speaking, Palm units feature modern interiors with open-plan layouts and designs. Luxury fitting of the highest quality filled with imported materials can be found in many projects.

Do all residences come with parking spaces?

Yes, all apartments within Palm come with dedicated parking spaces for residents. In some cases the 3 and 4 bedroom units come with 2 or more spaces.

What are the amenities available?

Amenities available at Palm Jumeirah are nothing short of first-class. The vast majority offer beach access, infinity pools and more.

Can I buy a house on Palm Jumeirah?

Yes, anyone can buy a house on Palm Jumeirah. This applies to both Dubai residents and international buyers with no connection to Dubai.