Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT as it’s often referred to is a large-scale development located directly opposite the well-known Dubai Marina and JBR communities.

A thriving urban community JLT is renowned for its impressive skyline made up of high-rise residential apartment buildings, commercial towers, and a number of luxury 5-star hotels. All towers belong to one of the area’s 26 clusters and feature a vast range of retail and food and beverage outlets located on the ground and podium levels.

At the center of the community are three large lakes and a green park full of family-friendly amenities. Each of the three lakes is surrounded by a waterfront promenade filled with restaurants and cafes oozing with ambiance. The entire area provides a picturesque setting, offering not only superb public space but also a serene contrast to the truly dynamic surroundings.

As far as residential property is concerned JLT offers a diverse array of property options, catering to various preferences and desires. Property options include predominantly apartments located in high-rise towers developed by a wide range of different property developers. Bedroom options come in all sorts of layouts and range from cosy studios to spacious penthouses with stunning views of the surrounding suburbs and beyond.

Outside of its varied residential and commercial buildings JLT fosters a sense of community and belonging for its many residents. The area is known for its many organized family-friendly events for all residents to enjoy and participate in.


JLT Highlights

  • Easy Access to SZR
  • Home to a large park and 3 lakes surrounded by accessible promenades
  • Located directly opposite Dubai’s most popular expat community: Dubai Marina
  • A vibrant and lively community offering the most diverse range of food and beverage outlets
  • Superb value for money when compared to its much pricier neighbours


Jumeirah Lake Towers Properties for Sale

Jumeirah Lake Towers Location

JLT is conveniently located next to two major highways, including Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. It’s a comment with various entry and exit points making it easy for residents to access other parts of Dubai.

Furthermore, the JLT community is serviced by not one but two metro stations: Jumeirah Lake Towers Station and Dubai Marina Station. Both of these are on the “Red Line” of Dubai Metro and make this one of the better-connected communities in Dubai. See JLT Location for further details.

Property Types Available

Being an urban community full of high-rise buildings it is easy to conclude that residential property in JLT consists of predominantly apartments. These come in all shapes and sizes and range from Studios all the way to 5-bedroom options. Whilst most apartments belong to standard residential buildings there are a number of hotel apartments located throughout the community as well.

JLT Apartments

Types: A true high-rise community JLT is home to a truly diverse range of apartment options. These range from Studios to 5+ bedroom options across a huge array of buildings with different architectural styles. Apartment sizes are just as diverse with different projects offering different typical sizes.

Designs: A large portion of apartments in JLT are designed with functional open floor plans and layouts. These not only serve to optimize the use of pace but also enhance the sense of space and size. In addition, most JLT apartments feature balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows further increasing the space aspect as well as taking advantage of the superb views on offer.

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JLT Property Prices

Apartment prices range within any community especially one with as many projects by various developers as with JLT. Despite this, the below guide is designed to give would-be buyers an idea as to what they can expect to pay for an “average” or “middle-tier” apartment.


New Projects in Jumeirah Lake Towers

The latest off-plan projects in Jumeirah Lake Towers:


Upcoming projects at Jumeirah Lake Towers

Listed here are Jumeirah Lake Tower projects which have been announced but not yet released for sale. Please note, if no projects are listed it means that there are no projects that currently fit this status.


JLT Lifestyle

JLT is a mixed-use community known for its affordability and convenient location opposite the highly popular Dubai Marina.  It offers a variety of apartments and commercial spaces set around artificial lakes. Filled parks, fitness centers, retail outlets, and a huge range of dining options, JLT caters to a diverse population and provides a vibrant way of life.


Jumeirah Lake Towers Map

Jumeirah Lake Towers Map JLT


JLT Developer

The master community of JLT is designed and managed by Nakheel. A government-owned entity Nakheel is one of Dubai’s biggest developers and the company behind well-known communities such as the Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Islands. With that said most of the projects within JLT are built by other developers who acquired land there at one stage or another. Some of the more recently active developers include Damac, Ellington, and Sobha Realty.

Other Notable Projects by Nakheel Properties:

Jumeirah Lake Towers FAQ’s

Is JLT a freehold community?

Yes, all properties within the JLT community are zoned as freehold.

Are studios available in JLT?

Yes, a wide range of studios are available in many JLT projects. In fact when it comes to apartments JLT offers one of the most diverse ranges of options available.

Is there a metro in Jumeirah Lake Towers?

JLT is home to not one but two metro stations. This makes it one of the better-serviced communities when it comes to public transport.

Can I buy a townhouse in JLT?

JLT is a community featuring a range of apartment options located in high-rise towers. Some Townhouses are also located in a select number of towers. More information on all property types can be found further up on this page.

Are there any off plan options in JLT?

There are a number of off-plan and ready options available in JLT at any given time. Whilst an established community JLT still has room to grow so more developments are being released on a regular basis.

What are the new developments in JLT?

Jumeirah Lake Towers is a community that is still under development so there are a number of projects being developed at any given time. For more details on new projects in JLT see the relevant subsection of this very page.

JLT Commercial Spaces?

JLT is a community with a wide range of commercial buildings facilitating a wide range of local and international companies from both Dubai and beyond.

Are the hotels in JLT?

There are various hotels in JVC including big brands like TAJ and Bonnington. For a full list refer to; JLT Hotels