The Valley Dubai Amenities

Developed by Emaar Properties, The Valley is a fast-growing fully integrated master community. Located in a picturesque setting, it offers a blend of modern living and natural beauty, making it an ideal place for families and those looking for a more relaxed way of living.


Golden Beach: Spanning 30,000 square meters, Golden Beach offers residents a scenic and relaxing beach experience in their very own community.

Kids Dale: Covering a whopping 10,000 square meters, Kids Dale is a dedicated area for children.

Sorts Village: The Valley is home to a 20,000 square meter Sports Village.  A state-of-the-art facility it provides residents with various sports and fitness options.

Pocket Park: A 3,000 square meter area offering green, open spaces for relaxation and leisure activities.

Town Centre: A centerpiece of the Valley community is the 32,000 square meter Town Centre. This includes a wide range of luxury retail and diverse dining options.

Playgrounds & Sports Facilities: These facilities offer recreational spaces for both children and adults to engage in physical activities and sports.

Barbecue & Picnic Areas: The Valley is a family-friendly community and features a wide collection of Barbecue and Picnic areas for families to gather and enjoy.

Greenery and Parks: Green spaces and parks are plentiful within the Valley community.  A great addition for recreational activities and nature enjoyment.

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The Valley Dubai Amenities

Are all The Valley amenities free to use?

Yes, all mentioned amenities are designed to be used by the community residents.

Are there many parks available?

The Valley is a community thas is filled with parks and greenery all the way throughout. A great place for those seeking an active way of life.

Are there swimming pools available?

The Valley is home to a 30,000-square-meter Golden Beach that offers residents a scenic and relaxing beach experience within the community.​

Who is responsible for the upkeep of community amenities?

The master developer of the Dubai Hills Estate Community is Emaar Properties who through its subsidiary is ultimately responsible for all community facilities.

What recreational facilities are available?

The DHS community features a huge range of facilities including an wide range of sporting fields, cycling tracks and even a beach and an ice rink.