Welcome to Velora at The Valley Phase 2, a prestigious development by Emaar Properties.

This exclusive community offers 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses, located in clusters for just 4 and ranging from 2,437 to 2,731 sq ft in size. Velora boasts seven unique styles: Slate, Oakley, Ravine, Serene, Nash, Vale, and Dale, combining modern architecture with lush natural landscapes.

Designed for family-friendly living, Velora features spacious interiors and at least one or two expansive balconies. With an attractive 80/20 payment plan and a 10% down payment, Velora is an ideal choice for buyers looking for luxury and comfort in Dubai as well as savvy investors.



  • Stylish 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses with great layouts.
  • Seven unique styles: Slate, Oakley, Ravine, Serene, Nash, Vale, and Dale.
  • Cutting-edge architecture integrated with verdant landscapes.
  • Attractive 80/20 payment plan with just a 10% down payment.
  • Prime location with convenient access to major Dubai landmarks.
  • Developed by Emaar Properties




Types and Sizes

  • 3 and 4 Bed Townhouses ranging from 2,437 to 2,731.55 Sq Ft.

Starting Prices

  • 3 Bedroom Townhouse from AED TBA
  • 4 Bedroom Townhouse from AED TBA

4 Bedroom Townhouses (Oakley Style)

TH01 and TH04

    • Total Area: 2,689.47 sqft (249.86 sqm)
    • Suite Area: 2,218.12 sqft (206.07 sqm)
    • Garage Area: 360.70 sqft (33.51 sqm)
    • Balcony/Terrace Area: 110.65 sqft (10.28 sqm)

3 Bedroom Townhouses (Oakley Style)

TH02 and TH03

    • Total Area: 2,477.63 sqft (230.18 sqm)
    • Suite Area: 1,981.96 sqft (184.13 sqm)
    • Garage Area: 392.77 sqft (36.49 sqm)
    • Balcony/Terrace Area: 102.90 sqft (9.56 sqm)

4 Bedroom Townhouses (Ravine Style)

TH01 and TH04

    • Total Area: 2,731.55 sqft (253.77 sqm)
    • Suite Area: 2,218.66 sqft (206.12 sqm)
    • Garage Area: 395.57 sqft (36.75 sqm)
    • Balcony/Terrace Area: 117.33 sqft (10.90 sqm)

                   3 Bedroom Townhouses (Ravine Style)

TH02 and TH03

      • Total Area: 2,514.34 sqft (233.59 sqm)
      • Suite Area: 1,982.28 sqft (184.16 sqm)
      • Garage Area: 395.25 sqft (36.72 sqm)
      • Balcony/Terrace Area: 136.81 sqft (12.71 sqm)


Velora at The Valley boasts an array of amenities designed to elevate your lifestyle. Residents can take advantage of dining outlets, a community centre, and a games and fitness pod. Additional amenities include restaurants, a supermarket, a skate park, a sports centre and more.



  • 10% On Booking
  • 70% During Construction
  • 20% On Completion

Breakdown of Payments

DatePercentage %Milestone
On Booking10%On Booking
August 202410%1st Instalment
January 202510%2nd Instalment
June 202510%3rd Instalment
March 202610%4th Installment
August 202610%5th Instalment
January 202710%6th Instalment
July 202710%7th Instalment
August 202820%8th Instalment - On Completion


Emaar Properties, the visionary developer behind Velora at The Valley, stands as a global leader in real estate development, celebrated for its iconic projects and unwavering commitment to excellence. Since its inception in 1997, Emaar has revolutionized Dubai’s skyline with landmarks like Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. Known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Emaar has built a reputation as a trusted industry leader. With Velora at The Valley, Emaar continues to deliver unparalleled living experiences.



The Valley community, developed by Emaar Properties, is a thoughtfully designed master community that’s fast become one of Dubai’s most in demand. Featuring a 30,000 square meter golden beach, a 32,000 square meter town center, and a feature-packed sports village, it offers diverse recreational opportunities. Situated in Dubailand, The Valley provides a tranquil setting with ample green spaces and contemporary amenities.

Its prime location ensures easy access to key Dubai attractions, including Dubai South, Dubai International Airport, and The Dubai Mall. Emphasizing sustainability, comfort, and convenience, The Valley is perfect for families wanting the best of both worlds.


  • 25 Minutes from Dubai International Airport
  • 20 Minutes from Downtown Dubai
  •  Minutes from Dubai Outlet Mall
  • 15 Minutes from Dubai Rugby Sevens

Velora The Valley Master Plan






Investing in Velora at The Valley offers a compelling opportunity for both first-time and seasoned investors. The off-plan projects strategic location, exceptional design, and in-demand property type are just some of the reasons why. The flexible payment plan, favourable prices and close proximity to major attractions and Dubai International Airport make it Velora worthy of consideration.



Project Name: VELORA

Developer: Emaar Properties

Price: Starting from AED TBA

Payment Plan: 80/20

Downpayment: 10%

Completion Date: October 2028

Property Types: 3 and 4 Bedroom Townhouses

Location: The Valley 2, Dubai

Architectural Style: 7 Unique Styles