Introducing Plagette 32 at Tilal Al Ghaf. A new luxury haven crafted by Majid Al Futtaim and located in one of Dubai’s most highly sought after communities. This project redefines upscale living, offering fastidiously designed villas that blend elegance with modern comfort and convenience.

At Plagette 32, each villa is a testament to luxury, boasting spacious layouts and the very highest finishes. Options include a range of 4- and 5-bedroom villas with spacious built-up areas and large plots ensuring both privacy and space. The upscaele neighbourhood invites residents to immerse themselves in lush green spaces, serene water features, and exclusive amenities that cater to a cultivated lifestyle.

Nestled in Tilal Al Ghaf, this project provides easy access to leisure, retail, and dining options all available within a gated community. Representing a superb blend of residential and entertainment venues Tilal Al Ghaf and Palagette 32 bring to reality an appropriately vibrant yet serene living experience.



  • Choose from a range of 4 and 5 bedroom luxury villas
  • Located in a stunning, maticlous designed master community; Tilal Al Ghaf
  • A project by one of Dubai’s most highly respected master developers: Majid Al Futtaim




  • 4 Bedroom Villas with an average built up area of 4,900 sq ft
  • 5 Bedroom Villas with an average built up area of 5,000 sq ft

Options include 4 ultra-luxury Water Bungalows and 28 Club Villas




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Developed by Majid al Futtaim, Tilal Al Ghaf is a carefully orchestrated development that harmonizes natural beauty with contemporary living. A centrally located gated community it perfectly unites modern conveniences with the serenity of its stunning surroundings.

Within Tilal Al Ghaf, serene lagoons and verdant parks combine with environmentally conscious planning, promoting an active family friendly lifestyle. Beyond its picturesque landscapes, the community offers an array of residential property choices, from elegant townhouses to luxury villas and even a limited selection of ultra-luxury mansions.

Outside of stunning real estate like the Palagette 32 project, Tilal al ghaf is home to a huge range of amenities including educational institutions, commercial centers, and healthcare facilities and more. The community also holds a strategic location providing it with seamless connectivity to key areas of Dubai.



Palagette 32 at Tilal Al Ghaf

Project starting price?

Plagette 32 villas start at AED 7.3m.

What bedroom types are available?

Villas are available in a range of 4 and 5-bedroom options. There are various layouts available within each category type.

Who is the project developer?

The Plagette 32 villas are being developed by Majid Al Futtaim. One of Dubai’s biggest and most recognised real estate developers.