InstalmentPayment PercentageDue Date
Down Payment10%September 2023
1st Instalment10%November 2023
2nd Instalment10%March 2024
3rd Instalment10%July 2024
4th Instalment at 20% Completion10%May 2025
5th Instalment at 40% Completion
10%November 2025
6th Instalment at 60% Completion10%May 2026
7th Instalment at 80% Completion
10%October 2026
8th Instalment at 100% Completion10%July 2027

The Valley by Emaar payment plan is what is considered a 10/80/10% Payment Plan. This in essence means that 10 of the total payment is due at booking, 80% during the construction period and 10% at projects completion.

Its also worth nothing that the payment plan in its current form is only valid during the launch period or a short period of time after. A future buyer looking to purchase a Nima Townhouse at the Vally will be likely purchae with a slighly different payment plan. The payment plan is adjusted to reflect the shortened period of time between the purchase price and completion date.

For full project details along with photos and prices see  – Nima The Valley by Emaar