Emaar South Payment Plan


Just like any new master development, Emaar South features several projects that are currently under construction.

Each of these developments comes with a Payment Plan that is unique to that particular project.

Below, we explore some of the preferred payment plan options available at Emaar South.

Preferred Emaar South Payment Plans

80/20 – This favoured payment plan is often seen in recent projects released at Emaar South. It requires the buyer to pay 10% upon booking, 80% during the construction phase, and the final 10% upon completion.

Here is an outline of this specific payment plan:

InstalmentPayment PercentageDue Date
Down Payment10%October 2023
1st Instalment10%December 2023
2nd Instalment10%April 2024
3rd Instalment10%August 2024
4th Instalment at 20% Completion10%April 2025
5th Instalment at 40% Completion
10%November 2025
6th Instalment at 60% Completion10%May 2026
7th Instalment at 80% Completion
10%October 2026
8th Instalment at 100% Completion10%August 2027

It’s important to note that this is merely an example of a payment plan currently available. While it serves as a useful reference, future projects may offer different terms.

Emaar South Post-Handover Payment Plans

Currently, Emaar South does not include any projects that feature post-handover payment plans.

These payment plans are popular because they allow for a portion or percentage of the total payment to be deferred for 1 to 3 years, and sometimes up to 10 years, after the property handover. While beneficial for buyers, these plans are less favourable for developers since they extend the period before full payment is received.

Consequently, such payment plans are rare and usually appear in slower market conditions, which do not reflect the current market dynamics.

Key Insights

– Each off-plan project at Emaar South includes a payment plan.
– Being a community by one developer, Emaar Properties, the payment plans across Emaar South projects are relatively consistent.
– Payment plans for specific projects may evolve throughout the sales period. However, the payment plan established at the time of purchase remains fixed.
– While not typical, payment plans might be negotiable, depending on various factors including the property’s value and current market conditions.
– No Emaar South projects currently offer post-handover payment plans.


What is the payment plan for Emaar South?

There is no single payment plan that applies to Emaar South. Each project comes with its own schedule of payments.

Are there any post handover payment plans at Emaar South?

There are currently no post-handover payment plans available in Emaar South. This is not to say that a post handover payment plan will not be available in the future.

How can i find out about the payment plan for a specific project.

To find out about a payment plan for a specific project please see the listing page of that project.