Dubai Hills Estate Amenities

A city within a city – Dubai Hills by Emaar Properties comprises elegantly planned neighbourhoods of contemporary apartment buildings and villa compounds in a small town setting. A fully integrated community DHE is home to a superb range of amenities all throughout.

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Dubai Hills Estate, a master community by Emaar Properties, is known for its wide range of luxurious amenities and facilities. Here’s an overview:

World Class Golf Course:

The showpiece of the Dubai Hills Estate community is the 18-hole championship golf course. Along with offering residents and visitors a world-class golfing experience it also features a fully licensed clubhouse open to the public.

Parks and Green Spaces:

In conjunction with the 180,000 sqm Dubai Hills Park the community is dotted with lush green parks and landscaped gardens all throughout.

Walking and Cycling Trails:

There are numerous walking and cycling trails throughout the estate. In fact the entire development features a cycling route over 50km long.

Retail and Dining:

Dubai Hills Estate features a variety of retail outlets and dining options. These include everything from casual cafes to the more exclusive fine dining restaurants.

Healthcare and Education:

DHE includes a variety of healthcare facilities and educational institutions located right within the estate.

Sports Facilities:

In addition to the Golf Course, Dubai Hills residents can enjoy various sports facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centres, and more.

Community Centers:

Available throughout Dubai Hills are community centres that host events and activities. These help foster a sense of community and are a great way for residents. to meet.

Security and Maintenance:

As a gated community, Dubai Hills Estate offers 24/7 security along with regular maintenance services.

Shopping and Dining Options:

Dubai Hills Estate is home to the new Dubai Hills Mall. Developed by Emaar it offers a huge variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the community.

Connectivity and Transportation:

DHE is strategically located with easy access to major highways and public transportation. It also benefits from multiple entry and exit points making getting to Dubai’s other destinations a breeze.


Are all Dubai Hills Amenities free to use?

Yes, all mentioned amenities are designed to be used by the community residents.

Are there many parks available?

Yes, Dubai Hills has one central park along with various smaller parks spread throughout the community. This is easily one of the greenest and most amenities packed communities in Dubai.

Are there swimming pools available?

The Dubai Hills community has a vast range of swimming pools available. Some are for public use whilst others are for the exclusive use of residents of the development the swimming pool/s is located.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of community amenities?

The master developer of the Dubai Hills Estate Community is Emaar Properties who through its subsidiary is ultimately responsible for all community facilities.

What recreational facilities are available?

The DHS community features a huge range of facilities including an wide range of sporting fields, cycling tracks and even a beach and an ice rink.