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choosing a developer

How to choose the right property developer?

The Dubai off -plan real estate landscape is filled with a host of different developers each of which offers a range of different projects at any given time. So with so many options out there how do you go about choosing the right developer for you?

Assuming you already know the community you wish the make your purchase in the following are just some of the factors to consider.

Developer Standing

You wouldn’t buy a car from a company you have never heard  and know nothing about so it should be no different with an off-plan property. Research the developer and find out as much information as you can. How long have they been operating for? Who are they owned by? How many projects are they currently working on? are just some of the things to note. Whilst there are regulations put in place by the government to protect buyers, its always advisable to do you own research as an extra precaution.

Track Record 

Past performance is usually a great indicator of future performance so its important to learn about other projects the developer has delivered. Was the quality and standard of the finished product as promised? Did the project complete on time? If the answer to these is no you need to ask your self why not and more importantly why it would be any different with current and future projects.

Payment Terms

As mentioned in our previous post different developers offer different payment terms. Whilst this shouldn’t be a deciding factor it is something which needs to be taken into consideration in order to choose a developer thats best suited to your circumstances.

Developer Reputation 

Brand reputation is a funny thing and once established can be hard to shake. This is especially true in cases where that reputation is unfavourable. Buying from a developer with a not so flash reputation can seriously impact your resale value even if that unfavourable reputation is no longer justified.

These are just some of the questions to ask and things to consider before making you final decision. Like with most things, information is key and having the right information will go along way in ensuring that what you buy is what you actually end up getting.

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