Omniyat Apartments

Known for their jaw-dropping architectural designs, apartments by Omniayt are some of the most exclusive and luxurious found anywhere in Dubai. 

Omniyat Apartments For Sale

Omniyat Apartments – Key Characteristics

Omniyat’s developments are characterized by their innovative design, luxury, strategic location, artistic collaboration, and integration of technology. These attributes executed to the highest levels have positioned Omniyat as a prominent developer in Dubai’s luxury real estate sector.

Omniyat Apartment Locations

No luxury project is true luxury without a location to match and this is reflected in Omniyat’s strategic selection of locations for its developments.  The company’s projects are situated in prime areas of Dubai and offer great views, accessibility, and convenience. Some of these include Business Bay, Dubai Maritime City and of course Palm Jumeirah.

Architecture and Design:

Omniyat has made a habit of collaborating with world-renowned architects and designers to develop cutting-edge architectural designs. This approach has resulted in projects that are not just structures but also pieces of art designed to stand the test of time.

A hallmark of Omniyat’s developments is the emphasis on luxury and exclusivity. The company’s projects cater to the high-end market, offering premium amenities, high-quality finishes, and sophisticated interiors throughout. Developments like One Palm are one of the best examples of this concept being a reality.

Personalization and Customization:

Understanding the diverse and ever-changing needs of their clientele, Omniyat offers a superior degree of personalization and customization in their properties. This allows residents to end up with apartments that reflect their personal style and meet their specific tastes and requirements.

Quality and Craftsmanship:

As to be expected from a developer in the luxury niche, Omniyat maintains a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship in all its projects. Whether it be construction materials or interior finishes, every aspect is carefully selected and executed to ensure the highest standards of quality. This oftentimes sees Omniyat apartments fitted with the very best materials from all around the world.

Integration of Technology:

An ever-growing feature of Omniyat’s developments is the inclusion of the latest technological advancements, offering residents modern conveniences and smart home features.

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Omniyat Apartments


The price of Omniyat apartments can and does vary significantly. Although the company has produced some apartment complexes that could be considered mid-tier most of Omniyat projects are at the ultra-luxury end of the spectrum. As a result, prices vary significantly with some projects offering 1 bedroom options at around AED 1.5m whilst others have starting prices well in excess of AED 10m.



Omniyat Apartments – FAQ’s

Do Omniyat apartments offer good views?

Yes, due to their superior locations, most Omniyat projects offer apartments with amazing views of the nearby surroundings whether they be the sea or a skyline.

What types of apartments does Omniyat produce?

Ominayt is a developer of a diverse range of apartment types, including, one, two, three, and four-bedroom options, along with luxury penthouses. As a luxury developer, a large portion of Omniayt projects has a big emphasis on apartments with 2+ bedrooms.

What are the typical interior features of these apartments?

Omniyat residences typically feature modern interiors with super high-quality finishes and materials. Layouts tend to be open-plan with an emphasis on flow and a sense of space. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a common feature and all options come with spacious balconies.

Is there parking available with all apartments?

Yes, all apartments come with dedicated parking spaces for residents. The larger apartments often come with tow or more spaces.

What are the amenities available?

All Dubai Hills Apartment projects come with first-rate amenities. A fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and communal areas are just some of the standard inclusions.