JVC Amenities

Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC as its often referred to in Dubai is a popular residential and commercial community known for its central location and super value. Just one of the many reasons this community has become so popular is the extensive range of amenities on offer. Here we take a look at just some of many JVC amenities available today.


Parks and Green Spaces:

The community is known for its many parks and landscaped areas. These provide residents with spaces for outdoor activities and family gatherings.

Malls, Retail and Shopping:

JVC houses numerous retail outlets, supermarkets, and shopping centers, offering residents easy access to daily necessities, fashion, and lifestyle products. Located at the heart of JVC is the impressive Circle Mall. A complete shopping destination featuring a wide range of international brands, retail outelets as well as an extensive range of food and dining options.

Restaurants and Cafes:

JVC is home to a large number of cafes and restaurants ranging from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. It features outlets with both local and international cuisines.

Healthcare Services:

Whilst there are no hospitals within the community residents do have access to various clinics and pharmacies within the community.

Fitness and Sports Facilities:

JVC features a wide range of fitness centers, sports courts, and jogging tracks, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among residents. Some of these are privately run and for members only however the vast majority are located in community parks and accessible by everyone.

Safety and Security:

The community is designed with safety in mind, featuring a secure environment with regular security patrols.

Accessibility and Transportation:

A centrally located community JVC offers easy access to major highways, making commuting to different parts of Dubai an easy exercise.

Places of Worship:

There are several mosques within JVC, accommodating the spiritual needs of the Muslim community.

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JVC Amenities - Dubai

FAQ’s – Jumeirah Village Circle Amenities

Are all the JVC amenities free to use?

Yes, all mentioned community amenities are designed to be used by all residents.

Are there many parks available?

Yes, Dubai Hills has one central park along with various smaller parks spread throughout the community. This is easily one of the greenest and most amenities packed communities in Dubai.

Are there swimming pools available?

The Dubai Hills community has a vast range of swimming pools available. Some are for public use whilst others are for the exclusive use of residents of the development the swimming pool/s is located.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of community amenities?

The master developer of the Jumeirah Village Circle  is Nakheel who is ultimately responsible for all community facilities. With that said any non community amenities located within developments are maintained by designated maintenance company.

What recreational facilities are available?

The JVC community features a huge range of facilities including an wide range of sporting fields, cycling tracks and even a beach and an ice rink.