Emaar International Destinations

Along with being Dubai’s biggest and most well-known developer Emaar Properteis also has a presence on the international stage.

The company has projects all around the world including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon and the United States (US).

EMAAR International Destinations


Emaar Misr is one of Egypt’s most prominent real estate enterprises. It’s responsible for the creation of iconic ventures like Uptown Cairo, Cairo Gate, Mivida, and Marassi. These significant projects play a pivotal role in stimulating the local economy as well as providing a superb standard of housing.


Emaar commenced its business operations in India in 2005 and has subsequently established a portfolio of premium residential and commercial properties. Combined the company boasts over 11,500 residential and commercial units within its portfolio. As of early 2024, Emaar had an additional 8,500 units currently in the development phase.


Emaar Pakistan is at the forefront of introducing the concept of developing master-planned communities that Dubai is so well known for.  These mixed-use master communities seamlessly blend residential facilities with educational institutions, healthcare services, retail centers, dining establishments, and entertainment options.


Emaar Turkey has firmly established itself as a renowned developer within the Turkish real estate market. The company is distinguished by its pioneering approach to crafting integrated, mixed-use communities. Emaar’s impressive portfolio includes the fully subscribed Tuscan Valley project, along with Emaar Square, which features a host of world-class luxury brands.

Other notable international markets include Saudia Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, and the US where Emaar has a fast-growing presence.

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