Emaar Beachfront Amenities

Emaar Beachfront is a prestigious residential development that’s fast becoming one of Dubai’s most sought-after destinations. Located between Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah the list of Emaar Beachfront amenities is fitting of this prime location and nothing short of world-class.



Private Beach Access:

Emaar Beachfront residents enjoy exclusive access to a 1.5km pristine private beach. Surrounded by cafes’ and restaurant this is one of the islands biggest selling points.

Swimming Pools:

As to be expected all developments feature at least one swimming pool. Oftentimes these are infinity pools with jaw-dropping views of the sea, skyline, or both.

Recreational Areas:

There are various recreational areas, including landscaped gardens, two parks, and open spaces for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Retail Outlets:

Emaar Beachfront houses a range of retail outlets as well as a 13,000 sqm mall for all your shopping needs.

Restaurants and Cafes:

The neighborhood boasts a superb selection of fine dining restaurants and casual cafes which often come with sea and or skyline views. Some of the early favourites amongst the island residents and visitors include the stunning Bar Du Port Dubai bar and restaurant.

Convenient Access:

The Emaar Beachfront development boasts a super location and comes with direct access to SZR. This along with a superbly designed internal road network makes getting on and off the island a breeze.

Luxury Accommodation Options:

Emaar Beachfront is home to a range of high-end residential options, including apartments and penthouses with some of the very best views imaginable.

Marina and Yacht Club:

The Beachfront community is home to the marina and yacht club. A superb destination for not only boating and sailing enthusiasts but just about anyone.

As if the existing array of amenities wasn’t already impressive, being a development in progress, the number and variety of Emaar Beachfront amenities are only expected to expand and become even more remarkable.

Prime Location

Truly one of its biggest assets. The geographical location of Emaar Beachfront is one that is unlikely to be rivalled in decades to come. Located between two of Dubai’s premier communities; Dubai Marian and Palm Jumeirah, Emaar Beachfront can best be described as an island paradise in in the middle of all the action.

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Emaar Beachfront Amenities


Are all Emaar Beachfront Amenities free to use?

Yes, all community amenities are designed to be used by the residents living or visiting Emaar Beachfront.

Are there many parks available?

Yes, Dubai Hills has one central park along with various smaller parks spread throughout the community. This is easily one of the greenest and most amenities packed communities in Dubai.

Are there swimming pools available?

The Dubai Hills community has a vast range of swimming pools available. Some are for public use whilst others are for the exclusive use of residents of the development the swimming pool/s is located.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of community amenities?

The master developer of the Dubai Hills Estate Community is Emaar Properties who through its subsidiary is ultimately responsible for all community facilities.

What recreational facilities are available?

The DHS community features a huge range of facilities including an wide range of sporting fields, cycling tracks and even a beach and an ice rink.