Dubai Islands Payment Plan Options in 2024


Given the sheer scope of the Dubai Islands project and the participation of various developers, the payment plans offered within this community are diverse. As a result, there is no such thing as a Dubai Islands Payment Plan but rather patent plans that are unique to each project.

Below, we delve into the payment plans available for some of the most recently launched projects.

Popular Dubai Islands Payment Plan Options

80/20 –  This is a popular payment plan offered with recently released Dubai Islands projects. This type of payment plan requires the purchaser to pay 20% of the property purchase price at the time of booking, 60% during construction, and 20% at completion.

Payment Plan Example

InstallmentPayment %Milestone
Down Payment15%On Booking
1st Installment10%Within 5 months from the Purchase date
2nd Installment10%Within 10 months from the Purchase date
3rd Installment10%Within 16 months from purchase date
4th Installment15%Within 22 months from purchase date
5th Installment10%Within 28 months from purchase date
6th Installment10%Within 34 months from purchase date
Final Installment20%On Handover

*This particulate example shows the payment plan schedule for the Bay Villas project by Nakheel Properties

Key Takeaways

  • Every project regardless of the developer comes with its own unique schedule of payments.
  • There are no projects within Dubai Islands that come with a post-handover payment plan.
  • Payment plans offered can and will change. These are influenced by a wide range of factors including everything from the project itself to the overall market conditions at the time.



Where Can I Find More Information About Payment Plans for a Specific Dubai IslandProject?

For detailed breakdowns of payment plans for specific developments at Dubai Islands visit the relevant project listing within this site. Here you will find the full payment plan in detail

Can a payment plan be changed?

A payment plan can be changed however the degree of change will vary significantly. Whilst this is not something most developers often do there are circumstances where some changes will be possible.

Is there any post handover payment plans available at Dubai Islands?

No, there are currently no post-handover payment plans available at Dubai Islands.